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    I have had a couple moments myself (warfarelayer match rank 14, ranked 20)

    I was playing down town, the enemy had our prime and trying to attack our core. I grab a manta and my team mate links on with the orb. We zip to the prime, and I road raged 3 guys on the way. As soon as I get to the front door of the prime, there is a guy with an orb on top of the node hitting me up with the link gun. I hit the alt fire and hit the ground as the manta does to avoid any more damage

    I tried to jump onto the prime node and pan cake him and sling shot my team mate onto the node all in one process. The guy plugs me with a rocket and knocks me back while I'm still in the air(inside the manta). My team mate miss times his jump and was denied instantly dropping the orb on the node.

    I am still in the air and the guy is aiming at me, I press the x button and jump out of my manta, and plug him in the face in mid air with a rocket, some how had enough hang time to land on the node, crash the orb, and destroy his.

    with that said there is no reason for UT3 NOT TO BE IN MLG



      notoriously know for bulls eying people, hopping over paladin sheilds ( when they have the sheild up protecting the core on downtown for example) I am a viper, scorpion, raptor, night shade, and scavenger *****. The thing is I dont like vehicles but I belive in evening out the field and thinning the heard if you know what I'm sayin. Mostly likely if you get road raged, pan caked, its me. Or I might be the guy plugging your core form like a mile away with the link gun or the viper.I'm also a shaped charge *****, and a master redeemer pilot.


        I got one more. Seeing a guy run towards your node with an orb and right before he is about to reach it, you shoot a rocket at him. Then his teammate behind him thinks he can get it but before he gets to it

        ... you jump over it and self-destruct it.

        And Blackmamba, that story was epic haha