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Your Favorite UT3 Moment(s)

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    Your Favorite UT3 Moment(s)

    When I was considering buying UT3, I came by the forums and was discouraged by posts I read where it said, "UT3 is dead", or balance was horrible, so forth. Well I bought it anyway and I'm glad I did because I have had a lot of fun with it and some epic moments.

    Thought it would be great to post memorable moments so we can fondly remember them and encourage people who are thinking about getting it.

    Platform: 360

    My favorite moment: Warfare battle, overtime, in downtown. The center node was constantly being fought over and it seemed no team would hold it. Goliath tanks were being fired left and right, paladins rolling thorugh, scorpions blades extended, pure mayhem. A few of my team decided to flank them and soon we captured the center node. Took even longer to capture their primary nodes and even when we were at the power core, the other team would not stop putting up a fight. Eventually we swarmed in and overtook the other team and won the match.

    It was one of the biggest matches I have ever been in a multiplayer game and the fact everyone was putting up so much of a fight on both teans made the win that much more epic.

    Platform: PC

    once playing War-Downtown i grabbed the C-4 charge (as i usually do) and as i went to the central canal, i found myself behind an enemy player which was equipped with the redeemer, pointing to our prime node, but waiting to shoot (i don't know why).
    He didn't notice i was behind him, so i dropped the C-4 next to his foot, waited a moment and... Boom!
    Of course, i made a quicker use of the redeemer in the center node.

    That was a lol moment i remember because its the only time i've got the redeemer playing that map online.

    There are also the typical "Eff Yeah!" moments when my team wins a VTCF match (you know, everyone goes to the base and start taunting) Although sometimes a player from the other team manages to explode a redeemer in the last second and kills all of us... lol


      Memorable moments... Oh yes theres one.

      DM match on the nitwitts server. The map this was in is like a huge ring and a bit in the middle with a ring shaped platform higher up. This was simple enough all we had to do was straight up shoot at each other on the space most fighting took place. So bounceing around exchangeing rocket shots and finaly I hit something. I'm almost blind so I cheer and carry on. Everyone else seemed stunned and I didnt realise why. It turns out I was on a server full of men and where the rocket landed made all of the men cringe.

      A few people commented and I realised how bad it looked afterwards.

      Still got to be one of the most memorable shots I never expected ever to get.


        Platform: PC, Xbox 360

        Moment on the Pc, was playing with my mate after he got the game for first time on vctf-necropolis.
        We were online, our entire team is running across the main bridge, and he came charging at us in a scavenger, me and one other guy jumped off and landed in the pool. We were the only survivors, everyone else got mushed
        But, as the other guy was falling he nailed my friend with a sniper when he got out of scavenger!


          Favorite moment: realizing you could win a crowded match in DM-Biohazard with the impact hammer.


            When I first got my hands on the demo...
            I hopped into warfare-floodgate and took the DW, which id been obsessing over, for a spin and got kills left and right.

            I fried anyone that would be foolish to wander towards the center node. Enemy orb carrier riding over to node; Instagibbed. Team member against 2 enemies and losing; Saved. Other pedestrians unknowing of the player that was wreaking cheap ownage on them were also shamelessly vaporized.

            My 'battle cry' was the death of my Massacre (I spammed altfire everytime I killed something ). I didnt know everyone might be able to hear it clearly. Some clever dude in a viper killed me from behind... I didnt see him coming


              it was overtime in vCTF-Necropolis, i had the flag, the enemy had our flag, i hid in the building behind the nightshade, so did the enemy.
              it was EXCITING AS HELL! constantly enemies coming from below, killing them. adrenaline rushed through my body, i was kinda scared too
              my team tried to protect me, nightshade planted some mines below, the server was full and so were the spectator slots, everyone was cheering for us, it was so awesome!
              eventually someone managed to kill me and the enemy team won...


                I'd have to say Demoguy followed closely by the GUI.


                  Oh man, there's so many..... I hardly know which one to mention first! Well, I'll start with the one I have a video of:

                  Streaming from Filefront:
                  The enemy is flying from the Deemer tower looking to finish off our core. I blow up his Raptor on the way, but because he has the shield belt he pops out unharmed. Splat, into my windshield. Now his Deemer is mine . We lost.


                    lol that video was awesome!


                      this thread is great, there is so much doom and gloom about this game atm and it seems to be infecting the community like a virus, I love the game and it even seems to be rubbing off on me a little of late. My fave moment was the exhiliration of firing it up for the first time, after spending hundreds of hours on UT2K4. Finally there was new version of my favourite game and a whole world of new possibilities for it. Well I still love the game and i guess my fave time is now really, theres a shedload of custom content (hardest thing about moving on from 2K4) just a shame that so many ppl expected it to come out of the box with the depth of a 4yo game and now that after only one year when it has regained an extremely impressive margin of that ground, it seems very few have waited for it to happen. Oh well there loss i sposse.......


                        After making this thread, I experienced another great thing in UT3: Comebacks!

                        Played a vicious game of warfare on the oldschool map from ut2k4. every player there was top-notch, and at one point my team's power core was at 20. You think it was all over...

                        The team pulled together, got back the power node to make our core secure and just kept defending it. A few decided to stay behind to make sure we didn't have it destroyed and the rest went on the offensive. We began destroying their core, then all of sudden tables turned again lol. back and forth it went until my team sealed the deal and won it. best victory

                        It was also fun, believe or not, to lose in the same set of matches. Just the fact that the game can be turned in either side's favor and the emphasis on teamwork will keep me interested in playing it for a long time to come.


                          There's nothing that beats a last minute save and cap to end the game in OT.


                            First time I found out about the avalanche in.. Avalanche.

                            There was a Goliath going up the hill near our base, for some reason it decided to try and kill someone on the opposite side of the core, instead of the core itself. I planted my C4 right under the tank and ran, expecting it to go up in beautiful flames. Instead if moved about 20 feet, shot me dead, then the avalanche came and whipped it out!


                              On Downtown when the enemy tank is protecting their prime node, getting the boots and shaped charge and sneaking into their prime and jumping up on the tank to place the charge. If the coward jumps out to avoid dying I jump into the tank and kill as many enemies in the second before the charge goes off.

                              Another one of my favorites was when four enemies were up on the Air node in Islander healing a Raptor. I saw it was empty and they had not noticed me yet so I jumped in and jacked it. I took major damage from four link guns as I made my escape.