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Have you notice this when you play against bots

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    Originally posted by iron12 View Post
    Yeah, I remember. I don't know how many times I was up like 6 kills and he came back and won. About the 5th time that happened I got so mad I threw my mouse. I get way to excited. I frequently start shouting at the screen.
    After some patch, a time limit was added to this duel, so you could just kill the noob-version of him once and then play hide and seek.


      You guys are giving bots way to much credit. This thread makes me sad. See beyond godlike in signature.


        Well, actually the auto-adjust skill feature in UT99 worked wickedly well. In fact, there were a multitude of options that you could adjust in your bot preferences. Accuracy, tactics...etc. You could really customize your bots to a fine level. A common tactic among online players occasionally playing against godlike bots would be to turn every setting all the way up except accuracy and turn that all the way down, which seemed to be the closest (bot not REALLY close) approximation to a decent human opponent.

        If you turned accuracy up in the bots, you could not expose yourself in any way shape or form to a godlike bot with a hitscan weapons, particularly mini or sniper. A godlike bot with high accuracy settings and a minigun was instantaneous death.