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Is UT3 still worth it?

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    It's fine, I got it on Steam.


      Ofcourse it is worth it. If you re dude which is for online play i must say that it has 4 times less players than UT99 is right now populating.
      I will give you rough estimates on the number of servers with Players.

      For deathmatch: there are usualy 8-10 servers(where are active players,there are plenty of servers but they are empty), same goes for TDM.

      For CTF(currently its dying if you manage to get 8 servers its a bargain )

      For VCTF(there are usually more than 10 servers with solid number of players(5 and more) aswell for warfare)

      And i must put here although its offtopic: UT99 domination is dead!. I cant believe. Is this game mod sooo unpopular? (If someone can tell me the number of players for custom made domination for UT3 PM me please)


        It's worth it if you have a system that will play it decently.

        I originally bought it when I had a P4 3ghz with 256mb graphics card. I was able to play, but it was really hard to do half way decent.

        I built a new computer with a quad core and a new gfx card and now it runs like butter.

        If you've got an average to above average PC, I'd definitely say get it.

        Depending on the gametypes your interested in, you should be able to find servers with people on them.

        If your into custom weapons, vehicles and maps and like VCTF, stop on by Hedsteem. We've been pumping out new stuff regularly. We have a quite a few Holiday maps to pass your time.


          Thanks for all the replies! I will definitely get it if I can find it for $15. Any news on the expansion? Will it require the original or will it be a stand alone?


            Originally posted by MaxUT View Post
            Thanks for all the replies! I will definitely get it if I can find it for $15. Any news on the expansion? Will it require the original or will it be a stand alone?
            There is no info on the expansion yet. Epic is being hush-hush about it.


              This game is awesome, I went off it for a little but I am back now and loving it more than ever. What keeps the community alive is that you can pick and choose which servers you want, who you want to play with and chill with some nice people on the mics as you rip through the other team.

              Get the game, practise. Don't give up and get a headset, even if your a little noobish at the start the good players will help you out, once you find your mode and players you enjoy playing with I guarantee no other game will come close.


                it is always a fun game to go back to when you get bored of all of the new releases

                and online play is a lot of fun when ur on a tight server


                  There's always DM servers to be found.
                  From a standpoint of will you enjoy it. Depends really. If you are a UT99 base player that had transplanted to 2k4, then I firmly believe you WILL. If you were raised on 2k4, it's a toss up. There's a lot of overlap and loyalists like me that have stuck with the series since the beginning, but there is a substantial portion of the community that didn't play UT99, started with 2K4 (or 3) and never could get the handle of the grounded UT99 style of play. UT3 is much closer to UT99 than UT2004


                    Originally posted by 3leggedFreak View Post
                    Depends on where you live, around here there's no populated servers and if I get to join a server the ping is 100+. Luckily I still got 10-15 pop 2k4 servers to chose from.. :P If you got more luck then me, buy it.
                    100+ ping would be a blessing...try 200+

                    Exactly same issue I have.

                    Seems if your anywhere west of the rockies, for get it, good luck.