I'm unsure which forum field this post should go under so I'm posting it here. I hope an admin or someone will read this and get back to me on the idea. I probably won't come here again, building my own map, so it would be apreciated if they e-mailed me or something.

I am the owner of one of the older Unreal Tournaments, Unreal Tournament, and I love it. I have recently discovered how to build my own maps by the help of an online tutorial. But I like to talk about it too sometimes. THis gets a bit hard with my friends when they don't have it. But I would also like other people to enjoy the game.

I though that it might be a good idea for Epic Games to put one of the older Unreal Tournaments on. This would not only be a good publisity stunt for Epic Games but other people would be able to enjoy it, reduce the violence. You could even later release another part with it or later, the Unreal Editor.

I don't know if you like the idea or if you understand it. But I think it would be great, and it would quite easily become the top multiplayer game on Kongregate if you kept it as multiplayer, possibly even the best game on Kongregate.