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Meshes for a new map

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    Meshes for a new map


    Well, I'm working on a High school DM map for the MSUC, but I realized I need some Static Meshes that, of course, don't appear on the UT3 folders.

    First of all, I was wondering where I can find breaking glass, for the windows of the classes. I mean, a glass which if I shoot at it, it breaks.
    Also I need some static meshes such as desks, chairs, blackboards and so on, but I don't know where I can find them

    So, I would be really pleased if you guys could help me with those meshes I need, because I don't really think I'll be able to do them on my own, using programs as Maya or 3dsMax...

    Please help!


    Breaking glass?

    Hmm, I think I saw it on a map, but I can't remember where it was

    Also, I never needed using meshes that weren't in UT folders...

    Good luck.


      Still needing help...

      Where I can find those Static Meshes a School map would need?

      I'm pretty sure there are lots of websites I can download them, but I didn't find anything yet >.<

      Same with the breakable glass, as joeload said, I've seen it too in one or two maps, but I dunno where it appeared or how I can get it.

      Plz I need help

      Thank You


        Free meshes

        Turbosquid has tons of meshes, lots of them are free. You might find tables, chairs and desks there.