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publishing cutom maps

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    publishing cutom maps

    i was wondering how was the best way to distribute custom made unreal 3 levels?

    I'm not an expert on the topic but seeing as no has replied yet I'll give ya my 2 cents.

    if it's ready for prime time then post it in: Epic Games Forums > Unreal Tournament 3 > User Maps & Mods > Full Releases

    If it's still in a testing phase there is a beta section as well.

    You should also get it listed on I've never done it so I'm not sure what is required...but go there and check it out. This is where I go when I want custom stuff. I think this site is more geared for PS3 people so there may be better places if you're looking at releasing it for the PC...but I don't know any of those.

    Hope that helps.