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    Originally posted by Bebo View Post
    Firstly, I always play with my keyboard on my lap (resting on my knees).
    Second, I run around Shangrila-ce without the mouse for 1 hour.
    Third, I run around the map with mouse for 1 hour.
    Fourth, I run around map with my eyes closed for 6 hours. (Yes I do balcony to 50 with my eyes closed)

    I play in a room with 35 times Earths normal gravity and every time I miss a shock combo one of my family members are killed. Also if I fail to time every weapon and power up to the second one of my toes are cut off.

    There is no room for leniency when it comes to warming up to play 3D video shooters games.

    P.S. I am in a volcano. Lauke is here. It is nice.
    Pfffffff I don't even have a computer on when I'm warming up on a server, Bibi.