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ping and the voice function, what do you think?

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    ping and the voice function, what do you think?

    So with ut3, especially on warfare servers, my ping gets pretty high when alot of people join the server. There are alot of reasons for this ofcourse, but I have one question about it.

    Would removing the voice function (where you hold down a button and talk with your mic on the server) lower my ping? It would be one less thing the my pc would have to send back and forth between the server.

    Because let's face it, the voice function is a cool concept, but it is pretty useless in UT3. You have to hold down the button and hardly any body ever uses it. I personally use vent or teamspeak.

    So let me know what you think about whether or not our pings would be lower without voice. Thanks Happy fragging o/

    Not really. It would cause minimal overhead. Of course it doesnt help matters, but you would not notice your ping go up unless your bandwidth was pretty much being fully utilized and the packets were competing with other data to get through a bottleneck.