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East Coast War/Onslaught Style Turbo Server

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    East Coast War/Onslaught Style Turbo Server

    I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, I didn't find an area that seemed to be specifically for sharing game servers.

    I started this server to provide something similar to older UT games. Orbs are removed, and player movement speed is increased by x1.5 making the game feel like the Turbo mode that used to be available in UT. Already had several good matches and have received general positive feedback that have helped me improve the game experience. I'm open to any suggestions that help with the classic frantic UT style.

    Server Details:
    • IP:
      Name: Onslaught Turbo No Orbs
      Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
      UT Version: 1.3
      Gametype - WAR

    • BattleMod V5 - Movement Speed increased, Ammo Regeneration
      No Orbs - Self explanatory
      Titan Team Fix - Fixes team balancing

    Status Page:

    Hey, I played yesterday as OhDear1MoreBeer

    I liked the server, no Orb ftw


      I remember you being there

      I've fixed the problems with the weapons lagging and being off, as well as the missing enforcer. Turns out it was an issue with the mutator, apparently didn't download to clients properly.

      Switching to the BattleModV5 took care of all the problems I was having, actually had a full server going today.


        i have play with tou at the tanxs giving map party it was fun you play good OhDear1MoreBeer


          Hey hey, made it up to 131st on GameTracker

          Looking for any suggestions for custom map uploads, I'm currently uploading WAR-SnakeBite and WAR-Tropico


            What about CA...? :'( I want a low ping for once too...


              No good servers out your way?