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    Originally posted by phalanx View Post
    the problem is, every player good or otherwise is knocking my ranking down, its rather annoying, the dominating games are not because the oppositon was any worse then usual was me that played well, i dunno what rank players are but it seems all the high ranked pure players have dissapeared.
    The point that is being made is that ranking doesn't necessarily mean that much

    My ranking isn't that great. I don't have hours to devote to the game. I get my a** kicked every day, but I get kills off some of the better players (and they know who they are...) but I still love playing the game regardless.

    My point is - are you enjoying playing the game ? If you are, then carry on. If you aren't, then don't.

    PS. I still continue to play with a f****d left thumb, which is a problem if you play SixAxis, but it doesn't stop me, even though my ranking is falling


      Team Fortress 2 is the most direct reason I don't play UT3 much.

      But also there is just a general disappointment in the game, mostly for the maps, the stagnant UT3 community and the general lack of polish. UT3 feels like an awesome half-finished game or something. I very much want to like it and I'm optimistic that the expansion will turn things around.

      I was a hardcore UT99 player and then wasn't interested in UT2003, as Epic was clearly trying to conform the game to Quake 3's style. I don't have anything against UT3's style but the maps are lacking.


        the rank system means **** or does anybody believe the top 10 of the rank system are really the best gamers in ut 3. laughable its even worse when its influencing your gameplay. i remember ppl in ut dropping off the maps towards the end so they dont get tracked for the map and stuff like that... we had some good stats in unreal tournament called ngstats where u could review every single map. that was especially interesting for tdm/ctf clanwars. (frag/kill ratio, who stole all the power ups and so on)


          Back on topic... What puts me off is people like Euroshinobhead who always change teams when they realise they might have a challenge ahead of them...

          lol at aud99, to be honest scoring 0 is a good day for him...

          I couldn't agree more that there are far too many idle players... It is really annoying.


            yea map to map would be good too, would help tracking and overall practace easier, stat system is obviously a joke (played utter rubbish and gained a good +30 on custom, i always lose stats on custom when playing well and gain when sucking...)


              Answering the original post.

              Because its a buggy POS that Epic couldnt be arsed to finish writing and the fact that they then blamed the community for the game not doing well.


                Originally posted by phalanx View Post
                yea map to map would be good too, would help tracking and overall practace easier, stat system is obviously a joke (played utter rubbish and gained a good +30 on custom, i always lose stats on custom when playing well and gain when sucking...)
                I have some advice for you. I usually say stats don't matter, but some of them do. Stuff like accu with a certain weapon can be useful to know how well you're doing and where you're improving. However: Rank. Means. Nothing.


                  well it would with this flawed system , accuracy is hard to work out, due to all this locking on stuff (AVRIL's raptors, scorps) only like 3 weapons you need to be accurate with.


                    Just played again... 3 inactives.


                    These guys always do this... please epic help us out!


                      I love UT.. I've always have, for me there is no other game out there that even comes close to it. Only new UT games keep from playing previous ones, not any other game or Hobie in my life. But when things don't go smooth it turns a lot of people off. I know A lot of people who love UT just as much, but got frustrated with everything surrounding the game.. Lack of copy and paste made it hell for us to join pugs, and/or matches.. the whole gamespy debacle and the problems that came with it turned a lot people, I know, away, the server browser, you couldn't even add favorites, reconnect from command, join/spectator from withing the game, browse player/no irc client.. made everything a hassle, and the biggest problem, the lack of good maps, made for servers to have to upload quality custom maps, which were huge and kept new players from joining the servers and integrating with the rest. redirect was a bad, no compression either, it just fragmented the community even further.

                      I don't care about all the people in the world who never bought/heard the game. I care about the 300+ we used to have in the channel trying to play pugs, scrim, matches( and I know 300 people at the beginning are not much in sales but I'm talking about whom I known for years, and that were hardcore players sine ut99, imagine about the rest of players out there that I don't even know) they just quit the game.. now we're a handful of people left and we're lucky if we play one or 2 games a week!

                      Trust me: it wasn't piracy fault, it wasn't consoles, it wasn't MMORPG's, it wasn't other PC games, and most importantly it wasn't the community's fault this game failed. We did our part by going out and buying the game, and promoting it among friends.. but we also know who is to blame...


                        UT3 is more alive then some other unreal mutiplayer games were, XMP... well that was more popular then UT2004 in 2004 then the master server died and the game went with it, although thats an interesting point, the server list never shows all the servers (and i do know this i was looking for a server i knew existed but couldn't find on list) which can make playing problomatic sometimes.


                          acuralegend has seriously been inactive on a server all day....

                          does anyone know whether this is an issue that could be resolved with the psn network or would epic have to do something?


                            After I managed to tweak graphics to make the game easier on the eyes, there's nothing that keeps me from playing. And the same can be said of the 500+ guys playing online in Europe (at 4:40pm US Central time), UT is pretty popular on this side of the Atlantic.


                              I said I would never go back to the console, but now I'm playin GOW2 on 360. It rocks! I wonder where Epics main focus was. So now Ill play GOW2 for a couple months, and go back to UT3 when I get sick of GOW. Unreal has always been my anchor.


                                i played gears of war 1 for 9 months till ut3 came out and after that its been ut3 all the way... gears 2 is really awesome game... but i'm put against people in far away countries and lag like hell

                                and ya... ut >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> gears x 1000000

                                GG :P