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Last try on changing the 360 servers. Please vote!

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    Last try on changing the 360 servers. Please vote!

    Me and a lot of people are sick of the not very well-thought servers midway set up. They are all 16 player (ctf, tdm, dm, vctf and warfare) and in my (and others) humble opinion this is worthless. The fact that 95 % of these servers are empty 95 % of the time just proves we are right. The only exception to this "rule" can you find in dm and tdm that has like one 6 on 6 server and and one dm 8 players. And since there are tons of servers out there all with the SAME rules why not mix them up a little?

    My suggestion is that the higher the number of the server (say: MidwayUTEast21) the "harder" it should be to play on. So lower numbers are for new players (16 players, novice bots etc) and higher numbers are for more experienced players who like a challange.

    These servers should have: (and only one on each location is better than none (one on east, one on west and one in uk))
    DM 4-8 players - Bots on masterful or none at all
    TDM 8 players - Bots on masterful or none at all
    CTF 8 players - Bots on masterful or none at all
    VCTF 12 players - Bots on masterful or none at all
    Warfare 12 players - Bots on masterful or none at all

    This WILL INCREASE players in UT3 for xbox and is a very simple change.

    Please epic allow us more experienced players to have a game we enjoy!!

    And what do you, casual reader suggest?

    Am I wrong or right?

    Well I agree your right but this problem but shouldn't be resolved under just xbox. PS3 had the same problem. Stuff that is easy fixes and why EPIC won't do anythang about it is just lame. Just like we have asked plenty of times for a duel server or two and we never get it. It makes no since to me why there is at least 8 midway rooms in eash categrory and 2 of them might have players in them. Its stupid and wasteful. I guess they actually thank the game looks full when you search for a server and there's a full list of them but then u look quickly to see they are all empty. For us FEW players that are playing it you thank we could get a lil recognition and maybe possibly get what we want when a task we ask for is so easy. They can't even please the small comminty that is left. They are out of their minds if they thank a duel server wouldn't go over good cause the main problem always is host advantage. This would simply take care of this.

    Edit: Flak I wish you would answer to this and tell us why it is so impossible to get a duel server. We would all like to hear and I'm not criticizing but maybe you guys do have a good answer, if so share it.


      While I agree that the server numbers need to be altered so they offer differing numbers of players, I know there would be lots of debate on what those numbers should be. Since I mainly play CTF I'll comment on that. 4 players would be great for some maps, but others would be better with 5 or even 6 per team. I think that having an 8 man, 12 man, and 16 man server running with full map cycles for each would be perfect.


        well i dont have too vote but i i can say this get a ps3 or a pc the game works better


          Carn4ge: Well my thread suggest exactly that. Server named 09 will be 16 players and easy bots, server named 13 will be 8 players masterful bots, and servers 11, 12 will be 10-12 players with adept bots.

          I know you play a lot ctf but when do you ever want to play 6 on 6 in regular ctf? I don't count facing world and vertebrae as maps btw. When we have 8 good players, it's hard to cap on ANY map (imho).



            For some of the larger maps, such as Hydrosis or Coret, 4 players each can actually leave the map pretty thin. I think that a 6 v. 6 would work pretty well on these. Granted a 4 v 4 with all good players would make any of these maps difficult but lets face it, its a **** lucky **** if there are 8 skilled CTF players online at any given time and in the same server.

            PS, facing worlds and vertebrae should be removed from life


              Maybe you're right. But the chances that'll happen increases the better the rules for the server are, no?