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"fav servers" list doesn't exist!! plz help

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    "fav servers" list doesn't exist!! plz help

    Hello guys!

    I'm just new to the forums ^^; but not new to UT series.
    anway, I've been facing some problem with my UT3 (PC version):

    when searching for UT3 servers to play online, for some reason (which I don't know why), I don't have the "favourite servers" list (it doesn't exist in the top menu), neither I can add IP address for specific server

    my only option now to search for servers online is to use the filter and the auto search, but I can't even add any of them to fav, what should I do? do I need to download some patch or update?

    please help
    thanks in advance

    are you using the latest patch 1.3?

    Also there is a help forum where your question is probably already answered.