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    Invis hack

    Anyone seen this hack? Never seen this hack until last night.

    Saw an invis hack yesterday and banned the guy. I've been admining now for 10 months and this is my first ban.

    He never saw it coming. I didn't login in as admin, I alt-tabbed out of the game, brought up WebAdmin, and banned him by unique Id.

    He tried to get back in and was immediately booted again :P

    Taffy it could possibly be a skin bug. If a user enables the game so they can mix and match parts of skins between fractions etc combining certain parts together will result in a invisible person or a person with just some arms here and there. I've seen a few people with it, those that i do catch are warned to change.

    Not seen many or heard any reports of people doing it lately, at one point there was a few people running around with them. Mainly in the vCTF servers.


      Yeah, I've seen the bug, but I've never run into someone who did it deliberately.


        Hmmmm...should I unban him then? I've never seen the bug you guys are speaking of.

        Other players were complaining and calling him out by name. He didn't respond at all, and just kept on killing people.

        I'm not a nazi admin, and that's the last thing I want players to think of me as.


          it's not a bug it's an exploit. it doesn't happen by "accident". it requires very deliberate actions and is not a result of any choices made in the UI.


            Exploit or no, it happens as a genuine bug sometimes. The players I've seen that were invisible, or just a portion of their body visible, were respectable players who hadn't set up a funky character model.

            Taffy, in your case, if he wasn't responding, then I would leave him banned. His unwillingness to communicate seems to indicate he was in fact exploiting.


              One of our clan members had a serious problem with any other players (or bots) on our server who were using certain custom skins -- they were invisible to him. It turned out (we think) to be due to the fact that he had installed those custom skins onto his system incorrectly -- he had some of the files for the problem skins in the wrong subfolders.

              He didn't use a custom skin himself so I don't know if his bad installation of the skins could possibly have caused the issue to occur the other way around...him being invisible to us.

              This is the only case of invisible players that I've encounted, so I thought I'd mention it.