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UT needs to be smaller, not bigger

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    Xyx I believe that your equation relating UT99 and UT2003 should be more like:

    UT99 + updated graphics - cool features - UT99 weapons and gameplay + Quack weapons and gameplay = UT2003 = fail.

    As for your comment about how at least in TF2 you can still frag even if you lose (as opposed to in UT), I totally disagree. In UT3 if you've got a decent number of players on the server it's much easier to score a frag than in TF2 when you've got a similar player count on the server. In UT3 the fast pace of the game allows for n00bs to score some spam frags or the occasional hit scan fluke kill. On the other hand in TF2 you've got so many 'uber' f*gs and sissy back stabbing spies (not to mentioned the retarded respawn time) that n00bs simply can't score any frags.


      I'm obviously not a TF2 expert... I've only seen my friends play it, and they got a few frags even though they were mostly just messing about.

      I only play offline if I can help it, for several dozen of the abovementioned reasons including tards, idlers, idiots and ub3rl33t pr0s (yes, pr0s, too, are detrimental to the community's growth...).


        the only thing that i can say is " leave it the way it is" ( talkin about gameplay not all the issues) i do understand your point deadaim but still it does not justify getting rid off the other modes. ppl like warfare and vctf some other ppl like ctf and dm, besides dont tell me you have never played warfare or vctf.


          How the hell are you going to argue that UT3 is trying to do too much when it only does a fraction of what its predecessor 2k4 did? UT3 didn't get the player counts we all wanted because 2k4 were underwhelmed by the features and went back to playing 2k4.

          I'm of the opinion that any venture sh9ould eclipse its predecessor to be worthwhile. UT3 needs to do that.


            How is Warfare a vehicle game type when there are maps like Market District without any vehicles and it's all about DM skills?


              Unfortunately, what they did with UT3 is this very same "trim it down and focus on the favorite game modes," and the result is that all the 2k4 newbies who didn't understand the context that created 2k4, and the anomaly it really is, bit*ed and moaned and whined that the game had no content. No-one understood. No-one bothered to look back at the history of the titles and see what actually happened, they just immediately jumped to victimizing themselves and cried that they got such a small game, when it's actually the same size ocntent wise as Unreal, UT, 2k3, UC, U2, UC2 and every other normal release in the series. UT is debateable because it came with nearly all of Unreal's content (music was left out) but it's the same situation as 2k4-- a glorified expansion pack.

              So, while I fully agree with many of the ideas you're talking about there, I also realize the unfortunate reality that the public is too stupid and selfish to realize what's being done.

              I'm not sure what the best course of action is now: I can come up with justifications for a number of options, so I just want Epic to do what THEY want and NOT what their fans demand of them.

              If nothing else, I have a nice rig now, so I can stay with UT3 as it is if they turn it back into 2k4 again...


                Shadow, there's always vocal people, but most didn't moan and whine. They just left, and UT3 is gathering dust.

                About the point of this thread, it's really beyond me why someone advocates removal of content and shrink the community. The expansion is a great chance to revert this, simultaneously make the game pleasant, friendly, fun, competitive or hardcore for much more people. It's also possible to improve it for current players and without introducing issues that would make it worse.

                The problem is radicalism or being negative: often someone doesn't really care about something, but oppose when it leads to improvements for someone else. Or fight for small advantages, even without caring about the great damage it creates for an whole lot of people.