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R3gul4rs Recruiting/Clan Wars

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    R3gul4rs Recruiting/Clan Wars


    I am the leader of the R3gul4rs clan [For PC], that is mostly based on the Multiplay Servers of vCTF. Primarily we are a vCTF clan and are looking for medium skill-good skill players in vCTF and DM Gametypes. We are also looking at expanding to Warfare and normal CTF. Currently we have 19 members, 17 of which are very active and many are very skilled.

    Basic Requirements:

    You do not cheat
    Swear minimally
    Active member
    Wear the R3gul4rs tag
    Are not in another clan
    Do not Exploit

    There are more rules and things like that and requirements to join on my forums. Every one that would like to join is to register on the forums, and post in the Want To Join R3gul4rs section after reading both the forum rules and the entry requirements.

    Potential members will have to go through a Tryout process, which will be a
    1v1 against one of the more skilled players of the clan.

    You do not have to beat them, we are evaluating how you deal with a situation, what your attitude to gaming is, and just your generaly skill (how you move, what weapons you use)

    Bearing in mind, if you do beat the player, this doesn't garuntee you access either, because if you won by using a weapon like the stinger all the time, this does not show us anything other than you can use that weapon.

    Thanks for reading, the forums are here
    You can see the clan members currently in the clan by going onto Roster section and R3gul4rs Roster topic.

    On another note, we are also looking for a clan war against another Clan, we currently do not own a server as it's processing and stuff, but we should have one up and running within the next 7 days.

    Preferably a vCTF match.


    nothin wrong with stinger :P
    yea come join up, its fun, and yes we are good, check our members out on the custom stats area and see for yourself.


      this is pc ps3 xbox?

      sounds like pc from the post


        Ah sorry fogot to mention, this is a clan for the PC


          If you ever need to practice your teamwork, feel free to join our server ( and practice against us. No we aren't a clan, but we are all pretty good players who play a lot of VCTF, we also have a rather nice Ventrilo server which you're free to join us on.

          : )


            Ok thankyou

            By the way, you don't have to want to join the clan to sign up and participate in converstations on my forums

            Anyone is free to sign up, as long as you abide by the forum rules.

            Still, anyone want a Clan match or want to join, or just become an active member of the forums?




              Our server is now up and running, Details on the server will be uploaded onto the forums.

              The R3gul4rs server is a Public server unless a clan match is taking place. All are welcome. The server rules are on the forums. If you break these rules, you will be banned. it has all vCTF maps in rotation. At the moment it is a pure server. If you require an admin, type !admin, and if one is available, then we will deal with the problem.

              Admins are:

              {R3gul4rs} ArcaneTSGK
              {R3gul4rs} Bobsnail
              {R3gul4rs} EatTheMeat
              {R3gul4rs} Blizzard_Wolf|MPUK (Yes he is a Multiplay admin aswell)