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Something doesn't add up about all UT online numbers

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    Originally posted by Sourpuss View Post
    Remember, the UT 2004 server browser counts BOTS as being regular human players for some ridiculous reason.
    Ok, that's what it was then. It just looks like UT2004 servers have lots more players cause bots are counted.


      Originally posted by Benfica View Post
      But then it may important that you guys also consider XFire to arrange your PUGs. I mean, who doesn't have IRC could be interested if they didn't need to install and learn how to use it. A lot of the guys that have it, don't come here, so they don't know the server and channel name. otoh how does XFire work?
      True but i don't think you understand the advantage of irc.
      You can script your own client ... I have different sounds that play on different events and I have a load of buttons that don't come with normal mIRC but which I scripted.
      More importantly, you can script a bot ... The bot arranges the pug.
      Also very important.. you don't have to add people to your friendslist when using irc, everybody just joins the channel and thats it. besides, group convo's in xfire are a pain.