I have set up an Unreal Tournament 3 server for 24 players maximum

The server is running in WAR mode only and has the top 5 "Make Something Unreal Contest" War maps in rotation:
WAR-Valley Screenshot ::::: Download Map
WAR-MoltenCore-Beta1 Screenshot ::::: Download Map
WAR-BeachFront Screenshot ::::: Download Map
WAR-Infection-Forest Screenshot ::::: Download Map
WAR-Synapse-Final Screenshot ::::: Download Map

If you do not already have those 5 new maps you can download a mappack as well:

Have fun on the server

Also, since this is a new server we are looking for one or two peoples to become a server moderator.
If you are interested then please PM me and i will give you the login for UTweb Adminpages.

The server IRC channel can be found on irc.mp-gaming.com #mp-ut3