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Map Installer vs .zip

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    Map Installer vs .zip

    Hi, i am currently pondering wether i should continue to use .zip for maps or
    winrar installers .exe

    Using an installer would make it quite easy for maps to be installed. Especially
    becuase sometimes people don't know where to place the maps.
    And using installers would enable me to display a logo and stuff to make it look
    more professional.

    The endresult of such an installer would look simular to this:

    The only exception where i continue to use .zip will be the PlayStation 3 files.

    What are your thoughts about this?

    My thoughts about it: I will never run an EXE file that is not from some big comapny or source i can trust. Also who can guarantee that your install application does not do some stuff in background while installing map. With zip file I can see what is inside and unpack only what i really want.

    Anyway if you really want to make installer, use winrar. It has really simple structure and it is enough to rename such self unpacking RARSFX to rar and unpack it manually without running your exe.

    My general antivirus rule is: never run any code from somebody that will not lose much when blamed for spreading malware.


      That is what i meant, Winrar SFX installers. This way you can -but are not forced- to run the file, you could open it with winrar instead as well.

      I won't make an InstallShield installer or something simular to that. Too much work and a simple Winrar Installer is just as good.


        No i think you should use zip for things like maps because they are small and most of the maps in ut3 go in 1 folder so no need for installer i think you should make a installer if you are doing a much bigger project


          Allright i'll use .zip for the maps and other general files.
          I will create winrar installers for mappacks only then.


            Self extracting map packs potentially can cause more trouble than they solve. Anybody who downloads custom content for unreal knows where to put files (or how to unpack them to desired location). There are some potential problems that you need to test:

            - national (non english) windows version with diffferent names for documents and settings folder, I think winrar can handle it trough some windows variable.
            - multiple users, i am not sure how (where) ut3 stores custom maps when there are multiple users on system.
            - problems for those that use -nohomedir and have maps in different place
            - on windows 2000 system had difficulties with some ANSI names , folders/files created with those names were unaccesible from english version windows. You need to test (or find out on rar website) if that sfx you plan to use can handle different languages.
            - not sure about Vista but those users mah have additiona "we annoy you" popups because of running executable.

            I personally stick to oldest ZIP i have (because it is compatible with most unpackers). I think Epic should make build in map/mod installer.


              Personally i avoid installers with my software unless it is the only way to do so.

              The Unreal Tweaker uses many resources files and DIR's so i used an installer.

              For items such as maps which consist of only a few files with the users knowing exactly where to put them is of no use, and quite frankly as others mentioned uncertainty as to their nature can be quite off putting, even if you know you can right click on the file and extract it, many do not know this and would opt to simply not use it.


                Allright i made up my mind and updated all the mappacks on

                Maps and other files will continue to be in .zip format.
                Game-Maps "Bonus Packs" will be in winrar installer format.

                People are not forced to run the installers, they can open them with winrar if they want to.

                The installers will look like this:

                Looks nice i think


                  How hard is it to install a map or mappack(if set up right). You drag the folder into another folder bam done. Like some people said above I personally won't use installers for maps or mappacks.


                    No installers. People don't trust them. In almost all cases, all of the files in a Zip/RAR go into the CustomMaps directory. Mutators are a bit more complicated.
                    EXE is overkill.