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UTCompIII ver3 RC1 where to find?

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    UTCompIII ver3 RC1 where to find?

    Saw this in a server. Not looking bad, but where can I find it for download? google turns up empty.

    Can someone also explain to me what ping compensation really does?

    about the utcomp3v3 rc1 i dont know...utcomp, at least, can easily be searched for in google.

    as far as i can tell with the ping compensation it only makes your shots start that far ahead of you as if you fired them however long ago with all the high ping.



      Can only find the textures and script for UTComp3 ver3RC1
      The readme and config file is MIA

      Also see there was a beta5 I missed. Where on earth can I get up to date info on UTComp. The site is in Russian though, so can someone who speaks Russian ask em nicely where to download it?
      Or I could just wait until the official final has been released

      Search Engines turn up empty...
      RC=release candidate