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Can my comp handle U3?

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    Can my comp handle U3?

    I want to get into this game since I play ut99, don't laugh it my all time favorite game

    I was wondering if I'll get a decent framerate etc.. with my comp

    P4 3.0 (single core)
    windows Xp
    2GB ram
    7200rmp HD
    7600GT graphics card


    Your framerate will be like 30 or so... but I'm pretty sure your computer can handle it. The system requirement are:

    * XP/Vista
    *2.0 GHz single core CPU (2.4 GHz dual core CPU or faster recommended)
    *512 MB RAM (1.0 GB RAM or greater recommended)
    *8.0 GB hard disk drive space
    *NVIDIA 6200 or ATI 9600 video card (NVIDIA 7800GTX or ATI X1300 or faster recommended)
    *DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card
    *Internet (TCP/IP) and LAN (TCP/IP) play supported.

    I got:

    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00ghz
    Windows Vista Home Basic with SP1
    2Gb ram
    Nvidia Geforce 8600GT with Forceware 178.13

    I set everything on high and my framerate is between 30-50.

    Have fun with ut3


      @Jack *****, everything on high with a 8600GT? Playing 800x600 or summit?


        U3.....don't know, maybe your PC can handle music from U2

        in the case you mean UT3(because we are in the UT3 forum) your comp will have a hard time. your gfx-card is really slow and only allows low resolutions.


          Originally posted by ashegam View Post
          I play ut99, don't laugh it my all time favorite game
          I doubt that anybody on here would laugh at you for that :-)


            If you have the money, upgrade to a ATi HD 4850 (Brilliant card but get the HIS ICEq 4 dual slot card, the single slots over heat) and get a e2180 (2.00GHz) if you are from the UK you can pick these up from about £140 for the 4850 and £30-40 for the Dual Core.

            i run on
            2 GB RAM
            ICEq4 4850
            e8400 @ 3.00GHz

            I run all settings on high with a bit of AA (Not much 8x) and average at 100 FPS. Without AA i get a bit more.

            On my Step Dads PC
            ATi 3870
            4GB Ram

            he gets 50-60 FPS all settings high No AA


              Upgrade to a c2d an oc to the max an a cheap ati card youll be maxing ut3 like its a joke


                my god, some people think you have to pay HUNDREDS to enjoy a UE3 game
                a 7600 will do just fine on 1024x768 with mid settings and great fps
                and a a 8600 is the perfect quality x price balance for a ue3 game ever
                before even thinking about getting a new video card go a for a core 2 duo, it will give you a huge performance lead for a fair amount of money if you live in US


                  teh 7600 will work ok, not great you will be able to play (i have a 7600 gs at home) but you can pick up some reasonable cards for not much money


                    thanks for the suggestions.

                    This obviously is an old comp and not worth upgrading parts. For one it's a sony and it has a propitiatory PSU and HD. It's only a 200W psu so my choice of graphic cards were limited to begin with, so I decided to go with the 7600GT.

                    I really need to invest in a new computer but can't right now.

                    anyways I'm enjoying playing 99 for a few years now, and play alot of siege too.

                    Does ut3 have any sort of siege mod?

                    I will probably dl a demo and try that. I'm sure there is a demo version somewhere.


                      i have almost the same pc... (my old PC) and it cannot handle nice fps... read 30+ fps at 800x600 all low.

                      my specs:

                      P4 3.0 - Prescott
                      2Gb RAM
                      6800 Ultra
                      160Gb HD
                      win xp 32bits

                      it runs at 20/25 fps, with drops to 10fps when lots of action is happening.... not playable at all.



                        No way! Something is wrong with your PC. It's gotta do at least 30-50 fps at 1024x768 medium