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  • - what happen to it

    Im living in Norway and regularly play on UT3 servers in Europe, mostly one server that is hosted by

    However i do not rememeber the full name of the server, but it was tagged like this servername (Hosted by

    Is it anyone here that happen to been playing on that server or do have this on their favorite ( i reformated my computer and lost all my favorite including this one). and have the IP so i can add it again (and no it doesnt show up on any of the server-listings in UT3.


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    A simple Google-search came up with this:

    "At the moment the status system in not online, we're sorry for any inconveniece."
    If I take a look at the clans there is no UT3-clan on their website yet, so I think
    they need to update it, or the server doesn't exist anymore...