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    PS3 Duel Tournament

    Hello my friends,
    Killingspree's tournament is great and will definently help the community. I have recently been watching a lot of duels and playing a few myself and they are very fun, exciting, and most importantly competitve.

    That is why i would like to start up a Duel tournamnet for all the players out there willing to play.

    The servers will be dedicated, that i can promise you.

    The maps will be

    Shangri La
    Rising Sun

    Please feel free to add your opinion regarding the maps in a post

    Please post your PSN name if you are willing to play

    IT WILL BE FOR MONEY, i have played money tournamnets in many games before and when theres cash on the line, ppl try a lot harder making the games alot more intense. Im hoping every1 will send in 15 or 10 dollars to a non biased source, therefore having one large pot of cash to be sent to the winner via paypal> i do not know how to do that so i would have to talk to some folks about it, if u have any suggestions let me know

    The time limit will be 15 minutes, no kill limit

    Pure, no mods

    Please lemme know if u want to participate, i think think this will also spark the community, making it more competitve

    I HOPE TO GET AT LEAST 24 PEOPLE in this tournamnet



    the idea is really good but i seriously doubt that some1 sane-minded would give money if its not a lan


      Your Going to pay for your entry into the tournamnet, alot of people do it, look at MLG online oturnys, GGL, etc.

      If you know any good ways then let me know, there is def a way to do it through paypal,


        You might be able to convince some from Fn A and qM, but I think you'd have more succes on the xbox version


          I have played on both versions and this is alot more competive duel wise, there are tons of duelist on the ps3, like you drokun that can duel and kick the **** outta me and probably alot of others, DM and CTF players should love this if it gets big

          i will prolly lower the price to 5 dollars


            Well I won't join as it'll probably be US hosted, but I think you really should try low entry fees.


              Okay for the 1st tourny 5 dollars, but the Server will be East Coast hosted so that EU and west players will have good pings aswell, and they will be rented servers like Killingsprees server


                hey ill play, and i got a rented server


                  ok heres the deal, we are gonna do a qM 1v1 tourney open to all, matches will be on qM dedicated server, for all that wanna join, either 8 or 16.

                  if you are intrested in joining put your name up here

                  so far these people are in :


                  this is going to be very basic and isnt going to suit everyons specific needs but should be alot less complicated ,I've discussed it with a few people and we are just going to use the most popular maps, in the same order for everyone just to make it all streamlined,

                  so each player will get matched up against someone else and play best of 3, first game is on sentinel, 2nd game is on deck, and the third game (if needed) is on shrang lai.

                  we will be doing a full bracket so every person who enters will be playing in the first round.

                  the tourney will either be next weekend of the weekend after, since each segment is 30 minutes we will just time it out and give everyone an exact time to show up for their match.

                  i know the team tourney didnt exactly go as planned, but it was very ambitious and this tourney will be alot easier to pull off. with only 1 person needing to show up as opposed to 4 per team.

                  please sign up quickly so we can get this going, theres a ****load of great duelers out there that should be signing up for this


                    Count me in.


                      I might join depending on the time of the tournament.


                        well itll be this weekend or next weekend on a saturday.. starting @ around 12 or 1 eastern and on through the night, so if your gonna play you basically need a free saturday


                          The football team I play for is just starting playoffs. The games can either be on Friday or Saturday. It's not going to be certain what day or time I play.


                            **** i guess i will play getting my *** kicked a little bit is always fun right


                              join the ladder