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    Originally posted by The Demon Slick View Post
    Unlike the real world, in the UT3 universe, you can kill a dude for being a *****.
    Yeah!!! I know right. That my friend is what I call satisfying, like for example: Although it's not spawnkilling there's guys who like camping on the roofs of Islander that consistently harrass tanks and players for like 10 minutes straight, and it drives me nuts. As mentioned before, I try not to waste my time with them and try to keep my eyes on the prize, but it gets so irritating. It's so **** hard to kill them unless you're actually up there yourself, but eventually one way or another I'll find a way to get up there, up close and personal >. I love the way they get, when they see me coming at them full of rage. Yeah so in summary, just kill those clowns.


      Everyone is guilty of spawnkilling, and it is impossible to avoid.
      Spawncamping on the other is stupid, people that spawncamp need banned.
      Although people will call you a spawncamper if you kill someone after they spawn,
      just like bf2, you can't attack a CP without killing someone who just spawned.

      Against bots camping is fun, grab a darkwalker and sit right on top of the spawn on torlan.