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What maps do you agree/disagree with for a particular mode?

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    What maps do you agree/disagree with for a particular mode?

    So tell me people of UT3 [PS3] Community...what are the maps of the following that you agree with or disagree with that go well with/or not so well with the specific mode? everyone please respect everyone's opinions and keep in mind that we all have DIFFERENT point of views! so let's make this thread interesting ok? i'd love to see other people's views upon these maps... you can choose to just name the maps you like/don't like & simply explain why!/

    11.Rising Sun

    Capture The Flag;
    3.Omincron Dawn
    8.Facing Worlds

    Vehicle Capture The Flag;

    1.Avalanche/Avalanche 2 Fronts
    2.Downtown/Downtown 2 Fronts
    3.Dusk/Dusk Free Mine
    5.Islander/Islander Necris
    6.Market District
    7.Onyx Coast
    8.Power Surge
    11.Tank Crossing
    12.Torlan/Torlan Classic/Torlan Double Prime/Torlan Necris/Torlan Short

    I mainly play CTF so I am much more familiar with those maps than the rest.

    For CTF;

    i agree;
    Coret - although this map tends to get deadlocked since its pretty rough on flag runners
    Hydrosis - this map is beast for defenders, who can easily max out ammo and health over and over again
    Omincron Dawn - always fast, always fun
    Reflection - don't blink
    Searchlight - I actually really enjoy this one, many different flag paths so you can really lose defenders, and the flag runner can access just about any pickup on the map

    Vertabre - this map just bugs me, seems too big and theres just too many drops
    Facingworlds - this is by far the worst, always picked when the majority of the server is noobs, one of the most skill-less maps available
    Strident - this one is borderline for me, I'd never vote for it but can play it


      Many maps I may not like much but still have balanced and reasonable gameplay. So I will be sticking purely with maps that I think have broken gameplay.

      Busted maps:
      Downtown 2 fronts - Downtown is already a lock down map, this version is 10 times harder to come back on. Should have gone for a dual prime setup, suckers!

      Avalanche 2 fronts - Just doesn't have the contiguous flow that the regular version does. Far too much travelling with all the key nodes spread out.

      Dusk (unattached center nodes) - Center node is essentially useless, and in fact has a negative effect sometimes because the nubs on your team will go for it. Dusk Free Mine has a much better link setup.

      Islander Necris - Bad bad bad bad BAD! Nightshade can place a shield in such a manner that the core cannot be hit. Then a spidermine will still fit inside the prime node. Making a tough orb run nearly impossible, and even if you do it successfully, the shield in front of the core precludes you from causing any damage. A shaped charge can bring down the shield, but good luck coordinating that with everything else that already must be in place to make hitting the core possible.

      Tank Crossing - I used to love this map when I was one of a select few that knew every route for taking out the tank. Now everyone knows and a match of Tank Crossing usually goes into five overtime rounds because no one can get the tank to the core. It was a good concept map, now let's put it to rest. Please STOP VOTING TANK!

      Torlan Levi - BAD MAP. One side gets a Levi and one side gets four Vipers. That's it. The Levi goes down before too long and the Vipers, which spawn every 25 seconds, dominate the map.

      Torlan Necris - A fun map with one serious flaw. The sides don't switch between rounds. So if you're on the Axon side, you probably won't get the take the Nightshade for a test run on this map.

      Biohazard - *Bio gets voted* *Shoots self in the head* Need I say more?


        i play pretty much all CTF (PC) so ill just comment on those... but first ill say i like all the maps for various reasons but in order I like them is:


        after thos its a toss up between the rest CTF-Coret and Hydrosis both are fun but alot of players arent familiar enough with them to get good matches going alot of the time, and they are tougher to learn than those listed above (even Searchlight can be confusing but has enough "easy" paths to be playable right off for most)

        Face is Face - the new version is cool, i actually like it better than previous versions.

        and Vertebrae for all its undeserved bad press can be alotta fun with the right players

        that said, some of my favorite CTF maps are custom maps, but to drive the point home, i like all the Epic CTF maps for one reason or another, and they are all running on my server. just FYI Refelction & Strident get played the most followed closely by OmicronDawn Searchlight and Coret. Reflect & Strident being smaller more easily learned maps is my guess why they are most popular. I like them because they are really good g00 maps!

        when i dont CTF i play a little DM, i like Biohazard, Fearless, Deck, RisingSun, Arsenal, Heatray prob the most.



          i agree:
          -sentinel (best default duel map)

          -deck (its unbalanced but still every1 playing it o_O)
          -biohazard (spawnkilling)
          -rising sun (spawnkilling, no good map control factor)


            Sandstorm & Suspense are great maps for VCTF but Corruption...just not fair gets the ronin vehicles and the blue get necris it's way too big of a map


              Just Gonna cover my 2 Favourite modes

              Capture The Flag:
              Hydrosis - A map where the defenders have easy access to all the powerups without leaving their base and 2 very good hiding spots in the flag room. Flag runners have to deal with the flag room filled with highly armored defenders then leave through a series of tight rocket/flak spam friendly hallways follow by an exceptionally open sniper-friendly mid section. This map sounds like a ton of fun.

              Omicron Dawn - I can't say enough positive things about this map. Works well for defenders, good for flag runners, and it rewards teamwork. Great competitive map.

              Coret - only map I'm almost completely neutral on, works decently but there are a few too many hiding spots in the base and it tends to run into log over times if any team plays very defensively.

              Reflection - Spawn, rocket, spawn, rocket, spawn. It's a hell of a lot of fun and it's not as spammy as it initially seems.

              Strident - Great map for quick flag runs, really nice balance all round.

              Vertebrae - Not sure why so many people hate this map, it works well on **** near every level.

              Searchlight - The only map that's as balanced competitively as Omicron Dawn, awesome map with a variety of flag routes, some nice trick jumps and it has a really unique concept.

              Facing Worlds - based more on luck than skill, horrible CTF map in general

              Vehicle Capture The Flag:
              Containment - Quite a few flag running routes and extremly well balanced. One of the few vCTF maps where it's difficult to defend.

              Corruption - Unbalanced sides, difficult to flag run easy to defend. Horrible map.

              Kargo - Great map that really rewards team work.

              Necropolis - vCTF-Reflection, 'nuff said

              Sandstorm - Initially didn't like this map, but it's a whole different ball game when people start using the trick jumps, makes for some really intense games.

              Suspense - A little defensively oriented but overall it's a well balanced map.


                Originally posted by ipwnhardxcore View Post
                Sandstorm & Suspense are great maps for VCTF but Corruption...just not fair gets the ronin vehicles and the blue get necris it's way too big of a map
                And which of these vehicles are the better? There are ways to plant the camping vehicles so it's impossible for the other team to get anywhere near your base. Just ask sMURFRUMS. He personally makes sure that the blue team always wins.


                  Originally posted by bclagge View Post

                  Torlan Necris - A fun map with one serious flaw. The sides don't switch between rounds. So if you're on the Axon side, you probably won't get the take the Nightshade for a test run on this map.
                  Doesn't Serenity-Necris have the same problem?


                    Originally posted by recoiledsnake View Post
                    Doesn't Serenity-Necris have the same problem?
                    You're absolutely right! I missed that one . I think it's a ridiculous flaw in map design. Every other map switches sides, even Onyx Coast and Avalanche which have similar Axon V Necris themes. I just don't get it.


                      VCTF-kargo - wtf is this? tank is in middle, the things to kill the tank are... in the middle :/, the team without the tank just go on mass defence so no one caps, boring... that and the team with the tank usualy gets a binger into the base to spam the shock rifle, hate its implayability

                      DM-biohazard - wtf is this rubbish, i want to not spawn on mass of goo

                      WAR-torlan - who decided SPMA's were a good idea for this?

                      WAR-islander - silly map, rather imbalanced, reminds me off a more assault based map not a warfare

                      wish the redeemer was a hard to reach item like it used too


                        Strident - Personally i played this in tdm with a scavenger in the middle, much more fun and chaotic!


                          what i hate is how everyone midway/epic server allows 16 players.. and as soon as there is they get full.. they always get voted to rising sun.

                          rising sun is small for 2 people, let alone 16


                            Top Warfare Maps- Favorite to least favorite

                            1.Torlan/Torlan Classic/Torlan Double Prime/Torlan Necris/Torlan Short-The first maps I learned on, great memories and always a favorite
                            2.Downtown/Downtown 2 Fronts-Noobish but GUARANTEED fun with good people
                            3.Avalanche/Avalanche 2 Fronts-Noobish but EXTREMELY fun with good people
                            4.Floodgate-Never lose sight of that mini-map (psst don't forget the floodgate node)
                            5.Serenity-Timing is how you control this map
                            6.Onyx Coast- a little lopsided but manageable
                            7.Dusk/Dusk Free Mine-the mine nodes are useless & no one plays it because of it
                            8.Power Surge-just not my personal favorite, delete it and I won't notice
                            9.Islander/Islander Necris- too lopsided
                            10.Market District- Should be a deathmatch map, not warfare
                            11.Sinkhole- IS a deathmatch map, not warfare
                            12.Tank Crossing- pathetic...just....


                              does this thread make sense?
                              No it does not