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    text to speech voice selection...

    ..and a few other (probably well known) minor bugs

    In UT2k4 my text to speech voice is microsoft Mary,same one as in 'speech properties' in control panel
    If I change this last one to microsoft John in speech properties,the text to speech in game uses microsoft John.

    But in UT3 my text to speech doesn't use the sweet microsoft Mary voice but one of the 2 guys (Sam or John) and I don't like it.
    I checked my control panel>speech,the selected voice is still Mary though.

    Any idea how to fix that?

    Btw at the end of a game hearing 'tee-tee' when you type in gg plain sucks.
    I hadn't played UT3 in a while and had thought last patch would have fixed that minor bug...but no.

    What about ':' in font in player name in chat instead of ';'?

    UT3 uses its own speech engine, not the one from Windows, no way to fix it, sorry


      thx for reply,anyway =]


        Actualy... Wile useing the microsoft voices UT3 kind of works like an addon useing thair code do what it likes with it. It takes microsoft Sam and randomises some of the settings for sertain people. These settings also change between matches often.


          Then how is it possible that I hear a male voice, while I have Windows Vista, and the only installed voice is a female voice?
          UT3 has its own speech engine, though the voice is very similar to Microsoft Sam.


            Because most of the voices are made by the same program useing the same system.

            I've seen how thay do this I used to have to use screen readers.

            The female voice is the male voice just with alot of settings tweaked.


              No, I am very sure Microsoft Anna from Windows Vista is different from Microsoft Sam from Windows XP and the voice from UT3.

              UT2004 did use the default voice in Windows, so you can change the settings. UT2004 sends a message to Windows that it should speak a certain phrase, and Windows uses the voice that you've enabled in the text to speech settings.
              The problem is, computers that don't have a speech engine installed, this didn't work, why SpeechRedist was installed with UT2004.

              UT3 has its own speech engine, and it does not use any Windows components for this.