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Orb runners * just some thread*

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    Orb runners * just some thread*

    1. I wanted to know who in (pc warfare) are the best orb runner and why?

    2. why is hardly anyone protecting his orb runner?

    Wanting to know who is the best Orb runner is like asking who is the best noob.


      Well I tend to let the Orb runner go because most of the times one can predict were he is going, so I prefer to get there first and clear the way.

      Also I find funny that few people stick back with the Orb carrier to help him protect and defend the prime, he alone can't do much at least another person is required to get a proper chance of defending a node.

      As for the best Orb runners I don't know, I for some reason can only remember people who often kill me repeatedly.


        Its always funny to see an orb runner going off without support - you just know that you are better off standing at the orb respawn. So, in answer to your questions:

        1. No idea.

        2. Sometimes I think that everyone is just playing a mini-game of their own in certain teams. How else can you explain orb-runners who go all the way to the enemy base with the orb?


          1. Me, because...

          2. Because I don't need protection



            its not the best orb runner but his team that helps him!!!

            I seen an orb runner run a map and a manta that carried him, the orb runner ranked in score with 100+ but the manta that took him every single time, only had 20 points.
            Just depends on your team and if they want to win!!!


              i play on the 360 but i concider myself one of the better orb runners fore the simple reason that i am smart about carrying the orb, I will take the road less traveled where there will be less opposition, I dont always crash orbs, I use good judgment on when to crash an orb as in do I drop the orb, hit the node pick it up and charge a node with a link gun and the orb so I can take the orb to the next node and crash (perfect example east and west on market district) or just crash it, plus I am good at playing D with the orb and I use good judgment on when to attack and when to defend

              plus I plus my team mates and I use good team work by giving each other air lifts on level that offer air crafts, and land vehichles lank vipers and mantas. Oh yea just a tip a good way to break down a node really fast would be a jump boot combo either jump boots and a ord or jump boots and a shaped charge, the level that this works on the best would be any one of the downtowns k

              gamertag blackmamba502
              rank 20


                1. That is stupid question, how to tell who is the best?
                Getting with 3 orb runs and scorp run at downtown enemy core in a minute is good? :P

                It's just all about knowing the routes, looking around where you enemies are. And looking where you teammates are going. Predicting where you teammates will fights. Than sneak behind there back (DON'T HELP THEM!!!, ONLY ABOUT GETTING ORB AS FAST AS POSSIBLE TO THE RIGHT PLACE).

                And you should also have in mind, that you don't have to go to the next node in the linkup. It's very save to get to the next node, and let your teammates heal the previous one. (Do this only when you see that your team is much stronger than the enemies there)


                  I have no idea who specifically is notably good at orb-running, but I would say that it's whoever takes the orb to the right node. I can hear you all saying "but that's easy", except it's not. Take Floodgate for instance - most of the time the orb will just hang around the floodgate node, which is fine, but the best orb-runners will note when the enemy is getting dangerously close to the core and will go and take centre to keep the pressure off. Or maybe go for a quick capture of the enemy prime to force them to split their attention between their prime and the floodgate node. I see very few players capable of correctly deciding when to do something different.