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    Anyone heard of

    This was a fantastic site where you downloaded a very Steam like program and could play a handful of games online for real money. Now I'm not advertising this site because it's shut down now which was a shame seeing as it was the most fun I've had with CSS doing 5 v 5 for cash and just brings the game to a whole other level.

    Now Unreal Tournament isn't popular because it has gotten abit old and the people who like UT are going to be elitist *****es and say how the series has been ruined and UT3 isn't going to attract a new crowd because it's too much of the same old and I think this game has shown you they still don't like UT.

    I personally hate the vehicle gameplay and think they're annoying and ruin the great gunplay of UT so I havn't been a fan of that or the giant maps and think UT should stick to what it does best and thats the old skool corridor shooter. So I really love the gameplay mode Duel but I found that noone really plays it and there isn't a single good setup server for it.

    I was thinking to myself where is the Tournament on Unreal Tournament? There isn't any and when I think of the name title I think competition and rankings etc etc. However when you play it's still very much in the past expecting you to still do the lan parties thing, thats great for them but it isn't great for sales.

    So I remembered this site and thought this is how UT should be today where you have this application and a profile with all the stats of how well you're doing and how many games you've won and lost. Epic could put something else on this like the RPG elements and instead of playign for real cash you play for virtual money where you buy your weapons for future games or something.

    What I've always want in UT is to have a gameplay mode we had on where there were 4 teams of 5 and 2 teams played eachother at the same time and the winners of each match went on to play eachother. This is a tournament style gameplay that would make it fun.

    That or just rip off Planetside.