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Can't help but feel a bit let down.

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    Can't help but feel a bit let down.

    With the whole success of UT3 us Xbox360 owners have been a little let down.

    The PC and PS3 gamers has a much more longetivity going for them with UT3, with more maps and Mods available for them (not to mention FREE).

    I think that the maps should be downloadable for Xbox on Marketplace for free when they arrive instead of costing us points.

    I was seriously considering exchanging my 360 and getting another PC or PS3 just for this game. (keyboards and mice totally own FPS hands down)

    I know this message will just get pushed down the list but we are always being charged for everything on Xbox, even just to play online. Microsoft should implement a new way of allowing us to do this for free like Sony has for PS3 users (I envy you all).

    Will it ever be possible for 360 owners to get new home made maps for free????? I am aware that it is not just microsoft cashing in from DC but everyone who creates maps at home and let users download free should be be able to share their work with all UT3 users to enjoy. I remember back in the days of the original UT, Rogue Spear and too many more to mention that had soooooo much downloadable edited maps and mods that you could get for free just with the click of the button.

    Sorry for moaning but if word is not spread nothing will ever happen.

    As an xbox owning who is coming to the same realization you are, if you ever want any type of control over your gaming experience, get away from microsoft. They will never allow the type of free use of anything they own like you see with ps3 and pc. I bought this game on xbox because in my opinion it is a good enough game to stand on it's own without the need of extra mods and maps, sadly enough the rest of the community don't seem to share that same opinion of it. Oh well, I plan on playing this game until the wheels fall off, just like I did with UC2 - that game must have died even quicker than this one did and I still played it forever.


      at this time, i really feel for all of you 360 players right now. in my view, the game was pretty well received by those who bought it, but the laack of dlc for you guys is what's holding it back. it seems that the ps3 people so far have got a great game that should hold up for a while, if only on the merits of the additional content that has been created.
      i'm hoping that materials that make it through the msuc might be att the head of the pack if anything gets over to the 360. it would be a shame on epics part to totally leave so many potential players in the cold. hopefully some day m$ and epic can find some fair middle ground on this. the funniest thing about this post is " success of ut3" it's gonna be argued by alot of people that this launch was any thing but, but in the case of pc and ps3 players so far, it's been bittersweet at best, and an insult at worst. but i'll still play, and i hope that the 360 players still do as well.

      i can't say it enough, that i believe that with the right treatment, ut3 can totally be THE killer app as far as shooters go,and i hope the world will be allowed to see that...

      edit: as for the cost prohibitive nature of the machines required to play this game, i for one am playing this game at an acceptable level(to me) on a machine that cost less than 550 if you look around, you can get a machine that will do more than just play games(console)on. for the most part, i game on pc because it has more to offer than just gaming...


        now its really inexpensive to upgrade a machine to play UT3... even getting a new machine to run UT3 is not very much now, prob less than buying and xbox or ps3 and hey you can do lotsa other stuff with your new PC

        maybe one day msoft will wake up and allow mods, but i wont hold my breath...


          you can thank microsoft..


            you can better buy the game for pc ps3 lol the are models many maps gametype