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Does anyone miss 2k4 TAM? We got it in UT3!

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  • Does anyone miss 2k4 TAM? We got it in UT3!

    Do you guys miss the night TAM from 2k4. Well we have a PUB server that has it.
    {PUB} ¬ępuB*Gaming BTA 10 players:

    BTA= Battle Team Arena=TAM

    This server is under the TDM list and you will usually see some Pubs and friendly clans clashing heads in these servers. Please go ahead and visit the server and enjoy your self.

    For people that do not know what are the rules or game play with TAM here it is:

    1: HP starts with 100 + 100 shield = 200 total HP
    2: All weapons are available from the start of each round with a standard clip for each weapon. After you run out u gotta wait till next round unless u pick up a dropped weapon.
    3: It is based on team Death Match except that u win by obtaining victory in 10 rounds first team to 10 rounds wins.
    4: Player has one life per round, after dieing you have to wait for the next round to go back in.
    5:There is a time limit for each Round, after that health starts to drain 5 hp at time in overtime per round.
    6: Friendly Fire and Reverse Friendly Fire is on. This modality is to assure skill and wants to limit the amount of spam that exists in normal game play; you shoot a teammate you die too, so make sure you are sure where your putting your cross hairs. Or pay the consequences for being a spamming pig.
    7: Team work is key, you have to watch each others back. Use spec when ur teammates is dead to watch their back. You can only spec your teammates.
    8: Have fun, and ask epic to make it an official game type.

    P.S. If you see me run cause I will Goo you ROFL.

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    BTA is a fune gametype indeed. Not a lot of people play it or know what is is, which stops people from joining servers.


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      Explanation above should make it more then clear what BTA/TAM is all about.

      If you want more info just hit me up.


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        i cant find the server under what game type is it

        and maby the nest time att a download link for the bta


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          Does that work?

          If not, can't wait to try this out!


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            Guys again the server is under the TDM list, you must allow mutators since BTA is considered a mutator. You will have to download the BTA settings but it is quick so it should not be a problem.

            If you can not find the server just press F10 to open console and open server that way. the IP address is

            Further more in our home page you see see all our server info and you can join from there, including joining our 50 person Ventrilo with one click if you have it installed.

            The link I gave above is just the game tracker info, not to join and you can view that from our home page.