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Unreal Tournament 3: xbox 360 update october 10th 2008 error

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    Unreal Tournament 3: xbox 360 update october 10th 2008 error

    Last night a random update was applied to Epics Unreal Tournament 3.

    Please allow me to explain what this update changed and how it concerns Unreal Tournament 3 players.

    Originally, The voice communication on Unreal Tournament 3 was intended to only be used when a player pressed the right button on the D-PAD. While holding the button your voice would be transfered to all players on your team or in the game based on the game type you were playing.

    Quickly players realised that there was a 'bug, hack,error,fix'. If you followed these steps you could keep your voice on throughout the entire game and onto the next game as long as you stayed on the same server.

    1. Hold in the right D-PAD button.

    2. Unplug your headset.

    3. Plug your headset back in.

    4. Release the D-PAD right button.

    This was much more practical considering the speed of Unreal Tournament and the fact that I can't even think of a recent game that makes a player press a button to chat on the xbox 360 console. Our mics have mute and we can mute other players.

    So why did this update take away our fix? It's really unknown why. Personally I think that the only reason it could have possibly came acrossed as a good idea is to upset the Unreal Tournament cult followers. Momentarily after I got the update I realised what it had done and sent out a Indy Update letting all of the other players on my list know.

    I recieved several of the same style of responses.

    "No WAY!"

    "Why? what the f*ck?"

    "Well, Who didn't see this garbage coming?"

    "I noticed nobody was talking at all."

    Please Epic games,

    Allow us to chat freely or maybe we could push the button to chat and to stop chat but don't make us hold the button. I think that the right D-PAD button could be used for something more practical such as crouching.

    as I posted on xbox live forums. Watch for the 'bring back the chat Unreal' website.


      Haha, they did that?
      I'd suggest putting chat on LT, worked for me.


        They probably patched that because people using the mic glitch was eating up bandwidth that could be much better spent on making the games less laggy, and who needs to hear everyone breathing in their mics constantly?

        Agreed though that you shouldn't have to hold the button down for the whole time you're talking, better to tap, talk, and have it turn itself off when you are finished talking.

        You are also able to customize the button layout pretty much any way you'd like.

        Any idea what else was patched?


          Yeah wtf epic?!!?
          Where the hell is the ping checker?!?


            Where the hell is anything!??? I really hope more people sent their thoughts cause this is unacceptable. The game was WAY BETTER before the patch.

            /End of thread spam..


              Where is our sticky thread that list's what was even in this 360 patch??


                I've pm'd admins and posted in numerous threads about a sticky for 360. Not gonna happen..


                  The intent of this thread isn't to flame epic people.
                  They removed what they felt is a glitch last night.
                  We felt it was extremely practical, useful and made the game a lot better.

                  If we can support this thread without making it a hate-fest we might be able to get a point acrossed. We want voice communication to be open microphone.
                  As I said before.
                  Our microphones have mute buttons.
                  We can mute other players.
                  Why should we have to interfere with out games by holding a button to talk?
                  Last nights update was just a mistake.
                  If we can get them to turn it around it would be appreciated.
                  In the mean time all we can do is put a little peice of tape on the right D-PAD button.


                    I agree with this, this game is to fast to put the (Hold up D pad) to talk, if you hold up the button by the end of the talking you were already dead. If they could let this button the way it was or make it works in other way, will be great. I will have to put a tape on the right D Pad to talk.


                      Looks like I wont be buying this to make the wait easier for Gears of war 2 I thought epic would know better then this. All we can do is wait for a patch I would think a developer as good as Epic would know what they did wrong somewhere down the line and fix it..maybe I hope


                        why kill ut epic?


                          Because they can. Once they have changed something, good luck getting it returned to the way it was before.


                            The patch has ruined the game. I've been playing TDM with all my friends since the game was released on the 360. Now since it is impossible to chat and fight, All the strategy has been sucked out of TDM for my friends and myself.

                            What little community we did have is now fading away (Faster then is has been).

                            My question to whoever "midway/epic" issued this patch is:
                            Why was the mic glitch not patched on the PS3 version? Why just the 360 version?


                              Because of the limited upstream bandwidth of cable modems, leaving voice always on in Unreal Tournament could cause significant hitching and lag issues because it could easily saturate the server’s bandwidth.

                              We have implemented a solution in the TU that hopefully addresses your needs. Rather than having to hold the button to talk, we’ve implemented “click to talk”. Press the talk button, and you get 10 seconds of talk time without having to hold it down. This is plenty of time for most normal conversation.