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    Music Video

    Hello, everybody I've made a little music video about UT3

    It's my first ("real" Music Video) from Unreal Tournament, so I hope you like it.
    I don't have any better editing softwares than Virtual Dub and Movie Maker, so it could look effect-wise a little boring. And I'm not a very good player either, so... yea.

    BTW: Is this the right section?

    Well, I saw that you had no replies yet and gave it a chance. My honest opinion is that the video compression is super grainy, first of all so it is difficult to make very much out. The repetitive use of black space between clips gets annoying after the first couple. By the 10th or whatever I'm ready to hit stop. The music was not my style either. I didn't really get to pay much attention as to whether the playing was good or not, because of the above things.


      Thank you for replying.
      For the black spaces thingy: Yea, I know I kind of overdid it with those. :/
      Dunno why I continued with them after the... Intro (?).

      But yes, thanks for replying, I only can get better :P


        the resolution of the video is very bad :P

        and I don't like the music ... oh man, why oh why do all the UT3 videomakers out there always use crappy rock/numetal music as a soundtrack, this doesn't fit! UT3 is a radical game and it needs some radical soundtrack!
        This would be great music for an ut3 video:


          If you get a freeware program called AVIDeMux, you can use that to do a final, 2 stage compression on your video, which will allow your video to be viewed in Youtube's "High definition" format. Usually.

          VirtualDub also has some useful plug in filters. The one I really like is called "Smart Deinterlace." I use the option in there called "edge directed interpolation." It actually clears up all the interlace blurring, which none of the other deinterlace filters I've tried on these videos has ever done for me.

          You should be able to link your way to the archive that has those plugin things from VirtualDub's website.

          If you do a search on these forums for virtualdub, avidemux, and a user called Slippster, you should be able to call up some specific instructions for processing your movies using these things (except that bit about Smartdeinterlace, found that out myself)

          I stopped putting music in the videos I make, because the music I love is dumb.


            dickbird, thanks!
            I tried out this filter on some other vids, and it does a quite neat job for deinterlacing.
            I've additionally merged some frames to let it look smoother, so it could look like it has been deinterlaced noobish (?) (If you meant something close to that)

            And I'll have a look at this "AVIDeMux", I don't like youtube quality either, but my interwebz connection is not the fastest to play better quality without loading hours...


              i use Windows Movie Maker for my vids...
              your video is not only low quality, but its choppy too.
              If you plan to record gameplay, play and record in a smaller resolution so that it doesnt make you lag.