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CBP3 Calling PS3 UT3 Players

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    i can do it

    you should make CPM3 from Q3, its best FPS map ever

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    Pick me Pick me!

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  • started a topic CBP3 Calling PS3 UT3 Players

    CBP3 Calling PS3 UT3 Players

    So, we have the final beta of Community Bonus Pack 3 Volume 2 ready.

    But, we only have two people on the team who can actually test on a PS3... one of them is me, who actually compiled the pack... so we really only have one untarnished PS3 tester... and I don't even know if that person is alive. This just won't cut it!

    So, if you:
    • Have a PS3
    • Have the PS3 version of UT3 (updated to version 1.2)
    • Can download a 300MB package
    • Can unzip a file
    • Have a spare hour or two

    Then please PM me and tell me why you should have it... and I just might send it to you! This is a limited time offer! We'll take the 9th caller through

    And just to clarify - CBP3 Volume 2 contains the following content:
    • CTF-CBP3-Agonas
    • CTF-CBP3-Arean
    • CTF-CBP3-Krodan
    • CTF-CBP3-Morgoth
    • CTF-CBP3-TheExcavation
    • CTF-CBP3-Vengeance
    • DM-CBP3-Decay
    • DM-CBP3-Solar
    • DM-CBP3-Thor
    • WAR-CBP3-Meditation
    • Character - KaT v1.2
    • Character - War Machine