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    I liked the more Unreal feel to it but it could have done with being an addon pack maybe or something.

    The flags could have been put better. Alot better I find it a bit anoying that thay just talk about it like eqpuipment when its the modern equivilalant of a battle standard.

    And the plot did seem to need more to it. It was nice to see the workings but we needed to see more maybe as theres not much there unless you start speculateing alot of things yourself.

    This should really have lead up to the storyline for a proper ladder tornimant. The campaighn shuld have been for a tutorial for the tornimant.

    Would have been nice to have a Ronin team all necris escaped after going though the prosess then the true necris team and sevral others all with thair own storylines in a tornimant setting.

    I did feel alot more sad when Akasha died though she was just folowing orders then she got hunted down for it. Jester was the one who folowd a twit who was on a crusaid.

    Akasha paid for screwing up and then some but Reaper's sister paid instead of him.

    Reaper became what he hated metaphoriclay speaking, someone driven by ideals to do iligal things. In my opionion he and his team should become what thay hate litrealy for that and all go though the Necris prosess. Thay would be paying for trespasing and killing an inquisitor even a bad one by becmeoing soldures for the Necris themselves.




        You know why not!

        [COLOR="Red"Vote for Akasha![/COLOR]

        *cough* sorry just getting into the spirit of things...


          I will start a thread on this!!!!!