If you play Dota you probably know what this is and how big it has become.
Just think Trackmania online mixed with Battle.net

To this day I've not managed to host a game. Most servers I see is hosted by hosting companies and people with a lot of network experience and that's if they just happen to have the right equipment.

Most important feature of Garena is it introduces players to other players from the same continent/country in a chatroom type environment.

Instead of guessing when the right time is to join a server or if anyone is gonna join your hosted game of UT2d for example you just ask. Plus you can see the players, it's a lot more of a social experience.

That and it would finally make 3 vs 3, 5 vs 5, Quick one/two/round games possible. All the features for clans etc is already available!!!

Basically what I'm trying to say is Garena has most of multiplayer features currently lacking in UT3 that would of made it truly great. Plus you would finally be able to host that odd mutator/map or two.

Garena could cater for 10 or less player count games. The ones that don't require a 24/7 server.