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Is a Logitech G9 mouse better than the MX510?

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    I wish mouse sensitivity was a little better on the PS3... I have three mice a logitech MX518, a logitech RBR125 corldess laptop mouse, and a crappy old kensington optical corded mouse (my first usb mouse it's about 10 years old)...

    the mx815 is ok and I currently use that one only for UT3, even though it is a little cumbersome due to the size.

    the cordless logitech is a pile of ****e for playing UT3 even when using it less than a foot from the sensor, it's only good feature is the ability to strafe with the mouse wheel, something the 815 lacks.

    the kensington corded optical mouse, which is also half the size of the mx815 plays just as well, if not slightly better than the mx815.

    I initially bought the 815 to replace the kensington because when you use the sniper rifle the cross hair is not 100% accurate. Say you aim a someones head when zoomed in... if you move the mouse a fraction the cross hair will move a lot more than what you want, more than often completely off the target. I was quite disappointed to see exactly the same thing happen when using the 815. I have my sensitivity all the way up when I play too.


      Originally posted by Phantaci View Post

      i've been using the mouse lately on the ps3. mouse in my right hand controller in my right, a home made frag fx. i think the keyboard is gay for some reason.
      in my honest opinion that's the only way to play UT3 on the PS3! I even made my own controller (which lasted about a month until it broke due to constantly pushing forwards) ... I've converted several people to this method. They all say it's awkward at first (which it can be, hence the splitfish) but after they stick at it they say it's a lot better than using a keyboard!


        Since 2004 I've worn out a MX500, two MX510's and an MX518 - in each case the right mouse button failed (too much ut2004 and linking nodes!).

        In gameplay I cannot tell any difference between the three once I've readjusted the ingame sensitivity to ensure that the same distance on the mousepad is reflected ingame.

        When my MX518 died I moved back to the MX510 while the RMA'd replacement arrived and it my aim was identical (if maybe a little better).

        These mice are excellent - and the Logitech support is great. If their mice go wrong you get a replacement. Even when you use them as much as I do!

        Anyway, if you're right-handed the MX510/MX818 mouse is excellent.