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Stats showing up as TeamChatProxy.

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    Stats showing up as TeamChatProxy.

    I've been gone for a little over a week and when I went to check my stats online it said it couldn't find my name. I went back to my direct link and the stats are all there but my name is listed as <<TeamChatProxy>>:

    So I went into the game to COMMUNITY >> LEADERBOARDS, and I can see myself listed as >. Like, the greater-than symbol. Someone else on my friends list also shows up as this. On both and I'm <<TeamChatProxy>>. Here's an in-game shot of my friends on the leaderboard -- I'm at 14 and there's another one at 132:

    Just wondering if anyone else has reported this yet. I see dozens of people, including one on my friends list, who have had their names replaced. Not a huge deal but still kinda quirky. Thanks.

    FYI: My game nick is also commiecat and when I went into the game to take that screenshot there were no issues logging in and it says I'm logged-in and playing as commiecat.

    TeamChatProxy i have aeen that when a game begin
    but i dont have not stat frome the begining and i dont care about stat i play for fun


      This is all I know:


        Originally posted by bclagge View Post
        Thanks. I did a search before posting but didn't get any results. Guess I typed in the wrong captcha or something.

        Y'all can just call me TCP from now on.