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Unreal Massive Multiplayer Online?

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    Unreal Massive Multiplayer Online?

    Make shooting/fight in 3rd person.

    Have a quest where you fight a clan of Darkwalkers to get a cache of redeemers for your group.

    Shield Belts in a bank vault guarded by 3 flak gun guards and 2 snipers outside of bank.

    Let the imagination/ideas begin...

    Sounds like a bit of Assault imo
    Bring back the Assault-mode!


      Except, you throw in levels and all that other ****!




          LOL JANE.

          I really want to get into MMO, but I want to find a reason why.


            Someone with MMO experience, throw some ideas how this would work.


              I thought of a UT MMOFPS idea once. It was basically like the 2k4 singleplayer but all the bots are players so it's more like a FPS with lots of social networking. Built in player trades and challenge issues, ect.

              UT must never become an MMO of any kind.


                You need to have talking carrots in this in order for it to work.

                This is what I have to say.


                  yeah theres an MMOFPS coming out called Huxley. Look it up, its basically an MMOUT3. Its supposedly coming out next year.
                  Its even running on the Unreal3 engine.


                    What about Unreal:Total War?
                    I'd love it
                    Command a 1000 goliaths backed up with 2 units of snipers. Ambushing in a forest with some units of rocket launcher wielding macho's and sieging cities with an army of darkwalkers and shock riflers. PLEASE GOD :d


                      I suppose Epic or Midway or somebody would have to host it on some industrial strength bunch of servers some where, and charge entry to support the cost of that.

                      Other than that, I don't know why not.

                      I might even pay to get on. As long as they don't throw in all that experience points/character development **** you see in massively multiplayer role playing games. This kind of game is about using your own reflexes, experience and judgement.

                      I'm pretty sure Wafare on a big old map with a few hundred players could be interesting and a lot of fun. I'd probably think so anyway.

                      Well to modify that bit about experience points a little...

                      If the developers wanted to introduce some kind of monetary system, I guess that could be ok, maybe. But no experience points. I'm dead set on that one.


                        It's a matter of streaming the levels I suppose. A few hundreds isn't really doable - servers struggle when dealing with a lot more than 32.

                        I think that we're a bit far from pulling off conventional MMO - mainly because the speed and complexity of UT would need to be toned down to accommodate so many players.

                        But what could be done would be to build up a structure to teams and individual battles. In the first instance the easiest thing to do would to be to create an online economy where you play rounds for cash. Each player gets a cash value per game according to his ranking, and in time players get enough cash to become captains get to pick teams ( the captains are the ones with enough cash to pay the players enough to play.)

                        Then team captains get to play in online leagues and tournaments - either alone or in teams and you can spend the money to unlock character and weapon customisations.


                          Originally posted by rhiridflaidd View Post
                          I think that we're a bit far from pulling off conventional MMO - mainly because the speed and complexity of UT would need to be toned down to accommodate so many players.
                          Yeah that didn't occur to me right off, but they likely would have to compromise the game in some unpleasant ways for that.


                            What you can do tough is use the spacecowboy\air heroes model.

                            You have a lobby system where everybody piles into a big building. There's no character collision, and no weapons here, so the server load shouldn't be ridiculous.

                            Then you go from there into the game environment. A server could be represented by a circle where you'd walk up to a free terminal to play.

                            Players, even when on another server, could make themselves eligible for recruitment into a tournament game, that would take precedence over normal training game - very much like pickups do now.

                            The other thing you could unlock would be custom vehichle horns, custom vehichle decals - what you unlock is visual. The skills you unlock is real, demonstrable in game ability, not the ability to fire twice as many bullets as your opponents.

                            To give it a RPG feel, you could always start off the online experience locked down to limited weapons - e.g. you'd start off with just the rocket launcher and that amazing ut2003 map DM map with just rocket launchers and the 2 lifts each end.

                            Once you play enough games to generate enough credit at this level, then you buy the ability to play other single weapon\single vehichle maps, and a permit to use other weapons.

                            This would be to give a tutorial and a chance to really teach people how to use each weapon and vehichle well, and would last at most a week of playing. The idea is to teach, not to restrict.