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Could someone please help?

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    Could someone please help?

    Hey sorry to bother you all. I'm a noob in this mod and map world of UT3. I've had the game from day one but haven't got around to doing this till now. Anyways, I checked out the site/blog and was instantly excited now that I have borrowed my friends 4g usb flash drive to download all of the maps and mods to my ps3 for UT3.

    That's the problem though is that I downloaded almost everything for maps and mods to his usb drive. Which worked fine but now I'm trying to unpack the stuff on the game and I've had the ps3 on since last night doing that. Is is possible to do it this way and unpack everything all at once or am I supposed to do it a different way? I'm just worried about my ps3 being on for so long and heating up. Did I do something wrong? It would be nice if there was a status bar or something.

    I followed all of those instructions but I don't know if the ps3 can handle doing this. So, I would be very appreciative to anyone who could answer me or email me back with some feedback letting me know if what I'm doing is alright or not. Thanks for your time!


    P.S. Had it on all day. Now about afternoon. Guess what? Still unpacking.

    Usually you unpack a mod or map at a time...
    It seems your PS3 has borked and is just on doing nothing showing the unpacking screen, try a mod at a time.


      Right on

      Yeah, I didn't realize that b4 voodoo. Now it's working. Because I'm doing one at a time. didn't realize you had to do that. huh. thx though!!