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People and ''their Modes''

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    People and ''their Modes''

    Over my long and seasoned existence in the Unreal universe i've noticed that alot of people come to UT, play it for a little while and then find a nice groove to ehct themselves in and stay there. And i have no problem with that, i mean you play the game the way you want to, hell you paid for it. But i really think alot of people are cheating themselves out of a great overall experience when they just limit themselve to just one mode. Ever since i picked ut3 up i would just make a rotation and play all the modes a few games at a time. And i enjoyed that way, so it kept me from getting to burnt out on just one mode. And if there was no one playing Warfare at the time, well i would just go and do some CTF or TDM. So i'd never run out of fun.

    But its kinda sad that some people will come on and if no one is play CTF well they just out and just go and do something else. Yet theres a ****load of people playing vCTF yet this individual refuses to play the mode because its not his/her ''Mode''. Now i know people tend to play the Modes that they are best at but i think your cheating yourself out of all the stuff Unreal has to offer. The more people that have that attitude the more divide the community becomes and the more it will dwindle down. And the last thing Unreal needs is a smaller community. And it kinda ****** me off when some players think that these ''other'' modes are lesser modes. And anyone who thinks that way is ****ing pathetic. Each mode takes different strategies/tatics/skills to be succesful at them. And if people just keep rooting themselves in one mode the community will just get boreing and dull. The more a clan branches out the healthier it is for the community. And its not a good sign when you have to hunt other clans down just to get them to play a match with you. And when people say ''oh well i do not play that mode, your mode ****, my mode takes more skill bla bla bla'' you sir, are a ****ing punk. its cool playing the mode your best at, but to turn around and say ''oh your mode simple and easy'' or ''it doesn't require as much skill as my mode'' is ****ing pathetic.

    I mean whats the problem? You play two of this mode and two of that mode. And everyone will be happy, **** the tiebreaker. Not like the matches will go on a **** record book, People are so ****ing scared to branch out into other modes. If you lose, or your getting your *** handed to you that means its a oppurtunity to learn something and BECOME a BETTER player. If your winning all the time then your not learnin much and in turn may become worse. **** ill take a loss, in any mode. Because if i lose that means theres still room to improve myself.

    Another thing i would like to bring up relating to this topic is if people have their ''modes''. Then why won't they play you on any map if its ''their mode''.

    For Exampe i am in Quake Marines are main mode is TDM, and CTF is our secondary.

    If we challenge a vCTF based clan. We make the deal ''ok you chose two maps of our modes, we will choose two maps from your mode. '' So ok we decided Kargo and Containment. The other team decides Morbias and Biohazard.

    The opposing clan says ''omg no way we don't even touch kargo, screw that theres no way we will face you in kargo''

    My clan says ''lol wtf Morbias? Thats a rocket spamfest''

    Then **** hits the fan and everyone talks **** and on and on it goes.

    From my perspective morbias is infact a spamfest, people just stand still and hold down the secondary, release and hope to god to kill someone.

    And so the opposing clans says that oh wll ''Kargo'' is alot of on foot or ''you have to go in on foot to recieve the flag'' So even though the map has vehicles, plenty of powerups and places to hide and all kind of ****. They won't play that map.

    So ok let me get this straight, if a clan has a ''mode'' their best at. Won't they challenge us to specific maps? Sound to me it ain't a clans best mode if they only will ply selected maps.

    And im sure people will tell me about Morbias, and yea you can throw it back at me . And say well ''tdm is your mode''. Yea it is, and yea i will still head up the challenge. But IMO Morbias is about as skilled a flipping a coin for heads or tails.

    But this can be use in context to any other modes. It just gets tireing of hearing people making up more and more excuses instead of finding solutions.

    So i propose why not when a clan decides to challenge another, lets just have Clan A pick 1 map from there mode, and 1 from of Clan B mode. And Clan B pick 1 map from their mode, and 1 map from the Clan A. So atleast theres some sort of agreement. And **** the tiebreaker map, that only causes more ****.

    So by God lets all ****ing sattle up and ****ing have some **** clan matches and stop making **** excuses. Im not choosing sides im speaking out to EVERYONE. Yes including my clan (and they should already know this by now). I surely as **** do not want the Unreal series to die out, but if the community keeps repeating history over and over again you will find yourselfs out of a match to play.

    Yea i want the community to get more people but it all starts with us. Lets not be stuck up all the **** time and just go toe to toe. My clanmates my not share the same idea as i do, and im sure im going to be stepping on alot of peoples toes after posting this. But i'd rather make an effort to be part of the solution instead of setting on my *** being part of the problem.

    ''Bump'' (Sorry almost double post)


      I don't view any of the game modes as being "lesser", as you put it, than any others. I play games for fun and going 0-10 against a hit scan hoe isn't my idea of fun. That's why I refuse to play DM unless it's on a cramped map where I can actually get some frags. Truth be told, in most cases I don't care whether I win or lose the match. But what does matter to me is whether I can score frags on at least a reasonably regular basis. If I know that I won't be able to do that then I simply won't join the server.


        This thread is pointing us in the right direction and even though i dont usually play ctf or duel i'll give it a shot from time to time. I guess in the end its about manning up n going ballz out if the other team has more experience than yours. We'll see if this helps some ppl cross over to other modes or just causes another debate. VERY TRUE about Morbius by the way.


          People will play the gametype they like regardless of what others might say or do, I play every gametype but most people I know stick to DM WAR or VCTF...
          It's their choice and has been since the first UT, most people have only played the gametypes they like since ever and this is not a UT3 related problem only.

          The comunity seems smaller because nowadays theres way too many MP games out there its not just UT3, people tend to span their gaming time trough various games and end up playing one or two gametypes and not fully exploring their games to the fullest.
          Also most mappers and modders end up modding more than actually playing and some people went to play something new and left UT3 behind.

          For me the biggest problem in UT3 is the players, there's alot of people playing the game that have no idea about what they are doing and there's also alot of players that leave matches when losing, teams uneven and they refuse to change teams to balance it out, people that spend half of a match typing instead of playing (mostly in WAR and VCTF).

          This isn't just about playing one or two gametypes or refusing to play this or that map, yes I do agree to a certain point with you but theres plenty of factors out there that are adding up to a smaller UT3 community.

          In UT2004 I used to have alot of fun just joining a server and play with random people, most people would try to play as best as they could but in UT3 that doesn't happen its seems like UT3 has atracted newcomers that believe theyre almighty good and when some unskilled or less skilled player makes a wrong move they just bash him and he ends up leaving... this is one of the things that made some people feel no affection towards UT3, also the new engine is causing some issues for alot of people that and besides existing alot of people with good gaming rigs theres also a huge amount of people who have mediocre machines that don't run UT3 properly so they end up not playing it.

          So don't say the comunity is small because most people only play a certain gametype, yes its one of the reasons but think... does the same individual playing all gametypes instead of one actually adds up to more people or bigger comunity?
          No it doesn't.

          In all fairness people should play more gametypes and ***** less about this map sucks or that map is cramped blah blah blah.
          If they want to have a better gaming experience in UT3 they just have to suck it up a little bit that and keep it fair for people who aren't used to this or that gametype, wich rarely happens and they just keep bashing one and other because the lack of skill or any other stupid reason thus making UT3 less fun.

          I didn't intend to post so much, I probably went a bit off topic here and there but I think the comunity needs to patch itself up instead of idling until someone comes up with a fix.

          Good post, like I said I agree with you to a certain extent and don't take this as a rant post its just my opinion on the smaller comunity factor.



            Altho in many ways you might be right,there's always the factor of e-peen
            that goes for most people. If you rock in one mode, chances are big you wont be that good in other modes, or certain aspects may not be that familiar to you causing you to die a lot more then necesary.

            Example 1. : the vehicle vs non vehicle combat. A real experienced dueler/dmer would be totally frustrated of people constantly pwned him with an 800 armor goliath, run over by mantas you can barely hear or being baseraped by spma artilary. Wich in turn causes great frustration. I Personally saw it many times before. Great players who totaly become frustrated because there getting overrun with in there eyes overpowered vehicles. And yes they say if people didn't have those vihecles they would succeed 80% more often, and this is true cause in pure dm skills there probably way higher skilled then the guy who just overran them with that unhearable manta..

            Example 2. : Experienced warfare player. Let takes a guy who plays warfare at least 2 to 3 hours a day. A guy who racks up killingsprees in pubs. ANd knows the map like his backpocked. He's used to weapon lockers and vehicles to give him that extra push and fragging power. Hes dm skills are moderate and so are his vehicle skills. Put this guy in a duel vs any experienced dueler and see what happens. Timing is a thing this guy probably isnt familiar with. THe only thing he had to time in warfare where maybe the big keg of health in downtown and some redeemers. In duels you barely have those. Also weaponlockers aren't there and you even have to time that. Wich probably causes the guy to loose with insane numbers 20-0 maybe more. Is this because he's less skilled. Not really cause he does get some hits in.. but the other guy is just that much better timing stuf running constantly full hp and armor and making the game frustrating for the other guy.

            So I think there;s the problem. Frustrating game play, dieing more then needed, seeing your epeen shrink by every unnecesary frag against you. Those thing can be seen as frustrating and extra stress, so why would you want something you pay for to cause you more stress. Its like saying to a carpenter, hey you won't be carpenter today you will be a heart surgeon.


              Playing gametypes I don't enjoy [in UT3] is somehow cheating myself out of a better overall experience? o.0

              You need some serious perspective before you start calling people pathetic. Just because something takes skill to be good at does not make it enjoyable across the board. Mode's don't divide the "community", if they are each effectively designed. Many people can tell you such and such mode was best in X version of UT^. Each mode varies and can essentially suck or not depending on quality of maps or how well elements unique to that gametype are implemented. I would suggest you get your head out of the gutter, but you seem a bit too hard headed for that with your novel of a rant.


                thats why SMP has expanded to be one of the first clans to be a Vctf, Warfare, and TDM clan.. we are still building a CTF side, but we will still play it, we are no longer able to make an excuse, and thats why we were so east to set up the match with qM.. only thing thats holdin us back not is the date..

                Teams need to pick a mode, and learn all the maps.. we were faced with this before and now.. we know all the maps in each of the 3 modes.. so we can complain.. its jus the fact that people are scared to come out of what they think they are the best at to get beat by someone who is better then them in another mode.. lame.. and weak.. but some people jus wont expand.. cant knock then for it.. they bought the game to play what they want.. so they do.. jus simply cant have a good clan match with some teams cuz they wont agree on the terms.. i think the best way to have a clan match is to play all the modes.. vctf, tdm, warfare, and ctf.. if there is a tie who cares? u played all the modes and got good games imo... ight im done babbling.. cant wait to meet up with qM on the field..


                  It's not 'coming out of what they think they are best at', it's that people would rather try being the best of something than the jack of all trades master of none. It takes a lot of time to have an amazing team at multiple gametypes. What's so wrong with trying to master one of them? I'm fairly certain most people play 1 or 2 other modes casually on the side anyhow. It's like the TAM team's that try to come play with the CTF guys in 2k4 and get rolled like a frieght train. Not a lot of fun in that. Some people are only adept at certain things, and I don't blame them for wanting to stick with what they excel in.


                    Originally posted by Helscream View Post
                    But IMO Morbias is about as skilled a flipping a coin for heads or tails.

                    So i propose why not when a clan decides to challenge another, lets just have Clan A pick 1 map from there mode, and 1 from of Clan B mode. And Clan B pick 1 map from their mode, and 1 map from the Clan A.
                    I feel about Kargo the same way you feel about Morbias. Any map I go to I run most all of my flags. I've never become Dependant on vehicles to assist me in my task, but I will admit I have gotten a lift from time to time.
                    I have even played on alot of the Vctf maps without vehicles. Not as much fun with just bots, but offers a different perspective.

                    I agree with the map selection idea. Although I have to be honest, I'd rather that the teams i go against choose the maps for their own game type. ( I do realize [and except] that I am in the minority on this) At least I would be better able to gauge my progress in 'expanding' my UT3 experience. All I desire is more notice before the match starts as to where we will be playing as to better prepare myself.


                      omg look at everyones wallz of text.
                      good read hel... im still LoL'n

                      instagib vCTF FTW! !! !


                        HM.. instagib? i think the only way i would play it is if the only weapons were either the sniper riffle or the shock rifle .

                        Anyways, I have played the campain, and i played all modes. I love Warfare, I like VCTF, I love CTF, and i kinda like deathmatch/team deathmatch.

                        Although I ONLY play warfare because i Like the team aspect of it. It`s a lot more interractive and although once in a while, you'll meet the occasional a**hole, everyone is friendly and they help eachother out.
                        I`m gonna try teamdeathmatch soon but I need to find a clan where I can be guaranteed a challenge and clean match.


                          I agree with the op to some extent, but there is no hope in telling people to do things that will keep instant satisfaction away from them. If a dude is good at this one mode he'll probably stick to it, afraid of feeling useless elsewhere.

                          It's human nature, I suppose, and isn't fun imo.


                            I disagree with you so much Hel, but I don't have time to type up a wall of text right now. I'll get to this after I finish my classes for the day.


                              Is this thread about people playing different gametypes, or about setting up clan matches? Waaahhhh!!!!

                              TwoFase - "What gametype do you play most?"
                              TheDemonSlick - "NEW MAPSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!"

                              Everyone come and play new maps!