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    Originally posted by [GOW] Daquila View Post
    dont post new fixes in an old patch thread ;-p
    PS3 patch 1.3 requests thread
    lol... thanks for pointing out the obvious!


      Hi, could anyone confirm that the most recent fix patch enables UT3 to work properly withouth graphics issues or crashes when Custom skins are enabled? Thank you


        Since this patch, the Midway servers have been very near lagless. It's a huge improvement. Thanks, Epic!


          Excellent job with the Midway servers...

          This might have been mentioned before but on the ps3 to follow someone into a game you have to find them on your friends list... if your friends list is really long then sometimes you miss out on games trying to find your friends name.

          It would be a lot easier if like on the psn network all the online friends were projected to the top so that seeing who is online is much easier.


            Originally posted by Tolstoy the Cat View Post
            Since this patch, the Midway servers have been very near lagless. It's a huge improvement. Thanks, Epic!
            Really? At last. I must check it out.


              Vehicle Camera View a MUST

              --> Camera change for vehicles

              "There is only 1 view when you are in a vehicle.
              Some players prefer other cameras like it was in UT 2004."

              Must have cockpit view for Manta and Fury!!! Flying just is not as fun anymore.

              Dear Epic,
              Please, give us a Vehicle View change option. Next Patch. Soon Please.

              ( I thought, well maybe if I asked nicely. )


                You know what I miss- being able to hit "F4" to make the raptor you're in dissappear to give you an unobstructed view.
                Why remove that option??


                  How can i patch my UT3 on my ps3? is it auto patch? or i have something to do?


                    Help needed.
                    Has anyone had succes regarding getting pc and ps3 work.
                    I have installed a dedicated server on pc, patched it to version 1.3.
                    Playstation is upgraded to 1.2, but when viewing server on lan from the ps3, I still can't see any local server!
                    What am I doing wrong ?
                    Can't ps3 and pc access the same server at the same time ?
                    Are there something that needs to be done is the configurations files regarding the dedicated server ?


                      The only suggestion I can come up with since you seem to cover all other things is some extended character features, like new armors, colors and so on.

                      I dont think a new feature of that kind will use so much space on a patch.

                      Thanx for still caring so much about this game!


                        Please fix the following issue's:

                        1 vctf map sandstorm; glitch allows hoverboarder to go below floor on SANDSTORM map at the deemer. Or is it considered not to be a glitch?
                        2 vctf map suspense; glitch on red and blue side... one can take flag behind the wall @ spawn. (old one, still not fixed)

                        3 Manta bug; lets people fly manta high by going backward pressing spacebar and going in circles.

                        4 Hellbender gunner; should be a little bit less damage if u ask me... or not? (i know it have been lowered since last patch)