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    Me... i Love The Scavenger!!! yeah, i think that vehicle is like a hunter, yeaahhhh, i like to see how my nemy die with the blades, yeahhhh, coool!!! I alwasy take the Scavenger to research and defend the base!!! Yeahhh, Corruption is my Favorite Map.


    C ya!!


      My hover board


        The Vulture, with its cluster bombs, phoenix scream horn, & air to air missiles. The Mauler + berserk = PWNAGE. The Hammerhead rear turret. The MantaRay with its machine guns blazin and the "I'm Rick James" horn.


          Lol it's just a game. What kind of a no lifer with nothing apart from gaming going for them would take it so personally that they're constantly bordering on insulting 'tank n00bs'? Excluding pros (ie. excluding only those who make a living from gaming), you're a bit of a tool if you ramble on about skill. I mean, you say that people spawn rape with the Goliath to stimulate their e-peen but that's no different to being a hit scan h0e. Why? Because in both cases the player is just using parts of the game to score frags. Don't try to glorify hit scan because it doesn't in any way make you 'better', or top ****, to be good at it. Don't believe me? Try telling some random strangers on the street about your hit scan prowess. But don't cry when you find that they don't start worshipping you.

          Yes it's annoying being fragged by a Goliath when you're out in the open. But it's a part of the vehicle game types. So get used to it or just play DM. Personally, I don't just stand there waiting for the tank to spawn like some players do. However, I don't see why hit scan losers feel the need to criticise these people. They're being annoying just like you are. You're the same.

          As for the topic, the tank is fun to use in situations where you can actually get some shots in on crowded areas. The Manta and Scorpion are also fun to use.


            Originally posted by ZzyzX View Post
            The Goliath takes a lot of skill if you are skilled with it. Have you ever faced PenIX before? The way he shoots down Mantas and Raptors makes you feel like he's cheating.
            Gwenthar was obviously talking about the gross majority of the UT3 players, not about the one on a hundred skilled guy.


              hope this clears up which one i like bestest

              i like the movement of the scavenger as far as light land based vehicles go.
              i want the scavengers seeker ball weapon thingy to lock my teammates lobows on enemy vehicles.

              the manta provides more instant gratification and mayhem, with a fair bit of risk against more exp humans.

              goliath is a tool. how you use it depends on the job you wish to accomplish.
              when playing with humans, itend to use it in a more defensive light.
              against bots,i'll drive it as far as i can,killing all who would oppose me, because i can,because they're bots and noone cares.

              darkwalker. my favorite heavy vehicle, i think. i generally leave sit for someone to drive, and man the turret when online. my favorite vehicle to try to kill online is the darkwalker as well. if i see you, i'll always try to feed you at least 2 avrils...

              spma.way cooler than you think. imo.

              sickayduh. please fix me, i'm kinda messed up, but still fun.

     the right hands, really, really,REALLY troublesome.

              i need to work on my viper skills, so i'll get back to you on this.
              but these things kill me alot. awesome when operated by a competent opponent.

              the best thing about the raptor is being mangled while swinging from it via hovergrapple.for me at least.

              levi=bad news if it's not yours...

              scorpion..?the suicide and the blades just sell it for me. and the ballzomantadoom cannon or whatever it shoots. nice light attack vehicle.


                Rek try the vehicles on our server:
                The Cicada has been replaced with my Vulture, I made 3 different types of Scorpion (Savage, Mauler, & Hydra), The Hellbender is replaced by my Hammerhead, The Raptor is replaced by my Raptor II. I'm not doing the rest of the vehicles until the game gets fixed.


                  Nemesis - with the nightshade a close second.

                  I love the cicada most, but It's broken in UT3 due to the wrong viewangle.


                    Originally posted by rhiridflaidd View Post
                    Nemesis - with the nightshade a close second.

                    I love the cicada most, but It's broken in UT3 due to the wrong viewangle.

                    And not to mention the fact that it's slow as ****