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new posts is closing its Doors

    Posted today on and being one of the Moderators of ZF.

    To let all Map makers know that was posted by the owner of [DOW] Mac_Man

    I want to thank my [Dow] Brothers for making the ZF site.

    On 01-Oct-08 the ZeroFrag website will be shutting down for good. I am not going to renew the hosting account. I will still own the domain name so who's to say what may come up in the future.

    BigDog, myself, and many others were really excited about the game and wanted to give provide something positive to the community. We decided to put ZeroFrag together to give everyone a community to talk about UT3. From noobs to hard core competitive players we wanted to provide a place for people to get information and share ideas about the game. There has been some great content that was developed by the members. You guys are amazing and I hope you continue to hone your skills and get even better developing maps, mods, etc.

    If you need to download content, please do it before the site closes down. After that there will be no way to get those files. I may d/l all the files, time permitting. Check with me if you need any files.

    Thank you for all of your hard work and effort to make ZeroFrag a great place!!!

    I hope to see you all soon,


    This is very sad. Zerofrag has been an asset to the community.


      That was a great resource for the WARfare community. I found many great maps there. I will miss it.


        This is a real shame. I just hope Doz will continue to be part of the UT3 scene..


          T5K Clan along with our other UT3 brothers will be carry the UT3 Torch .

          T5K has a UT3 Maps and Mods section to help those looking for maps.

          We also have a UT3 Custom Map Test server to test new maps and give feedback to map makers. We want to help finalize maps so we can put them on UGL ladders.

          We own Unrealgamingleague and I have renewed UGL because I feel UT3 is getting better and with computer prices falling. We will see more players.

          T5K along with BGE, Pub and other UT3 clans will be having events to keep everyone playing.

          I have a 24 man Chicago Public with Stock and custom maps at
          I enjoy all the player that come in ready to have GG.

          I want to thank ZF for all it has done for the UT Community.

          Crayfish don't worry bro. Unreal will never die. We will not let it.


            Bad news.Why do u close the site ?


              ZF was not my site. It was own and run by [DOW]Mac_Man.

              I was just a moderator of the ZF site.

              I posted to let the members of ZF know about the news since it closes Oct 1
              and peeps that want maps will need to get them before it shuts down.


                OK UT3 Players ZF might be closed but we know have a new UT3 Home.


                See you there.