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link gun and other guns: primary or secondary fire mode?

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    Originally posted by Oliebol View Post
    Strange that damage goes off when i shoot with the shock rifle, from the left side of the blue base to the red core...
    You're right, my mistake. Shock, Sniper and Stinger alt.

    Originally posted by commiecat View Post
    What is the link's limit? I know it was clearly visible in 2k4, but I don't think I've ever had a situation where my links weren't hitting in UT3 due to distance. I've never tried in Islander but I'm pretty sure I've hit Torlan's primary node from the top of the tower (where the 'deemer is). I guess I thought that was plenty far and assumed they could hit anywhere on the map.
    It must have been a false positive because the link doesn't quite make the disance. Here's how far it goes:


      Originally posted by Ronvdl View Post
      i was already busy making a list of all weapon damages (even from vehicle turrets), how much damage they do against infantry, vehicles and nodes. when i'm finished i want to publish it somewhere

      the top 5 list is against infantry though.. against nodes the top 5 is about the same but flak does much more damage than link primary
      You can post the (more or less) complete damage list here:

      not complete list, or text-informations/tips/hints here:

      Damage to the node:
      Best is Flak.
      Then: Rocket and Link prim., they are even,
      Then: shock rifle combo, stronger then prim. or alt, but quite complicate to place exactly.

      Top five against infantery is hard to tell. Because some weapons deliver constant harm, while others deal it in the fraction of a second, like the rocket, here is 'shoot and hide' possible. So what is best depends on your tactics. Not so with the core, the core is not moving and not shooting back, just keep the fire button pressed ;-)

      Cool that you do something


        Originally posted by bclagge View Post
        Thats all for the Link primary, no further???