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damage per shot, respawn times, multipliers, spm, ....

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    damage per shot, respawn times, multipliers, spm, ....

    ************************************************** **********************
    Does somebody has a list (damage per shot) for all weapons (inclusive secondary fire and avril and shock combo) ????

    or a list with possible shots per minute for all weapons.

    or a list with the different damage multipliers for all weapons (damage to cores, nodes, vehicles. compared with damage to persons)

    other useful lists and stuff and knowlege. ANYTHING WITH NUMBERS, and as COMPLETE as possible.

    If such lists knowlege bases allready exists, please post a link here, and tag the link.
    ************************************************** *************************************

    That would be a very useful thing to get an overview. Of course the rest is practice

    Here is a small beginning:

    I can contribute to the community as a first beginning this list of relative "velocities" for each typ of ammo. I fired allways to the same distant wall (distance little bit longer than the max distance of flak secondary). Here are the times till the impact (measured in seconds, or read it just abstract in numbers).

    ************************************************** **********************
    Projectile Flight Time List:

    0.0 --- enforcer, sniper, shock prime, stinger prime, link second (didnt reach the wall)
    1.4 --- stinger second
    1.5 --- flak prime
    1.8 --- link prime
    3.0 --- rocket, bio prime (smallest shot, shot in a flat angle)
    3.4 --- Avril, shock second, bio (bigest 10-loaded-shot, shot in a steep angle)
    3.9 --- redeemer
    4.4 --- flak second (impact 2 meters before the wall)
    ************************************************** **********************

    So, this gave a rough impression of the velocities.

    I will add soon a list with respawn times of everything ;-)


    #2 Nub!


      Here is the link to the twin-thread "Lets create a LINK COLLECTION for GENERAL TACTICS, hints, tricks, right movement..."
      In this thread things things are more described with WORDS. Or smaller fragments with numbers (a single multiplier, a damage value of a weapon) and when enough about one topic is gathered (e.g. damage) they will_be/should_be put put together and transferred to this accutal LIST COLLECTION here.

      This two threads overlap, there's no strict borderline between them. Together they should provide information for beginners and intermediates and, if enough people join in, even for pros


        hmmmm lets see
        belt spawns at 52 seconds from the beginning of the match, after the first time every 55 seconds
        redemeer spawns every 2 minutes (roughly)
        all the other ammo, armor life packs (not the super) and weapons spawn every 30 seconds
        boots spawn every 30 seconds
        berserk and udamage spawn every 90 seconds
        the goliath cannon does a damage of 360 within a radius of 40 feets
        the primary of the link gun does 210 damage per second (i think that with vehicles leaves the same amount of damage didn't control that)


          I adjust the policy of this thread a bit:


          1) Post something here, if a list is (more or less) complete

          2) List it in form of a TABLE/LIST, and not in sentences/full text.

          Thats much easier to read.
          E.g. bullet flight time list/table.
          (My english is not the best: Do you call my example a list, or table?)

          Of course like this the thread is slower growing. But for FRAGMENTS AND TEXT use the other thread (the link two postings before)


            ok i will post it here.

            i am making a list of ALL weapons (even from vehicles) in UT3 how much damage they do on infantry, vehicles and nodes, with a DPS for every weapon.

            the only thing i don't know yet is how much a 100% hit from a SPMA causes, and the falling camera

            if someone knows that, it's appreciated if you tell me