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Xbox UT3 The Montage

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    Xbox UT3 The Montage

    Well basically this is a 360 montage. I play alot of CTF so sometimes i put the rocket launcher to work. I want explosives on the the target in the most expedient way lol. Remember this is the 360 dont expect over the top comboes like the abracadbra or alas.

    360 players join the ladder and support ut3 for mlg

    Originally posted by Phantaci View Post
    Remember this is the 360 dont expect over the top comboes like the abracadbra or alas.
    Can I at least expect you to encode the video in the right aspect ratio? It is painful to watch.


      I watched the movie, and the aspect ratio didn't really bother me. Altho i can understand that it would be bothersome to others hehe.

      Editing wasn't that bad, the switching between frags seemed pretty seamless. No fancy intro, no fancy outro but its an ut3 movie so who cares hehe. Wasn't that charmed about the music tho but thats purely personal you could try to switch songs tho even if the movie last 5 minutes.Fragwise it was kinda... well I wouldn't say bad, but they werent really good frags also*, no stuf that makes you go aaah and oooh, altho playing with a controller is probably harder then a keyboard mouse.

      I thought it was slow too, but thats the limitations of console gaming i gues.. since pc is 20% faster I read.

      Overall i would say keep it up and learn from your mistakes, that's a thing we all have to do in life.

      *. To much rockets and pri pulse abuse, some decent shockcombos and decent snipershots


        Some sweet shots in there, but I think your montage would've been nicer if you played more before making a montage out of the kills.

        Really nice shockcombos are really really hard on console though, as aim assist pulls your aimer from the ball to the opponent, which just sucks.

        As for the speed; we didn't get the PCspeedX mutator from Playstation which I was hoping to get, or any other 'popular mod' that we'd get.
        It's either this or speedfreak, which is too fast.


          good watch dude thx