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Looking for Map (Windmills)

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    Looking for Map (Windmills)

    It was back in 2004 when we first started seeing screen shots and concept art for this game. On of the first screen shots I saw was of a grassy plain with the occasional tree and a very large and looming Wind-turbine. This was inspiring and beautiful.

    I am an environmental artist and must admit I spend more time flying around the levels taking it all in that playing the games.

    Can you tell me which level that was? Did it ever make it into the game? Are the Windmills/turbines in the editors? Did someone -else- come along and use them to make their own kick *** maps?

    Any info will be appreciated; now I can't even find the concept art of it or the screen shots? Did it really happen? Wasn't there huge Windmills at one time?

    That's a basic UE3 demo level. It was used along with Gears-esque content as well (the Dragon.) I don't think it was ever intended for release.


      Originally posted by Shadow Dancer View Post
      That's a basic UE3 demo level. It was used along with Gears-esque content as well (the Dragon.) I don't think it was ever intended for release.
      You are correct it was one of the many unpolished levels meant to be a test run for the gameplay and visual aspect in UE3 mainly for UT2007 back then.
      Like the one that you see Malcom as a player or the first version of Onyx Coast in the e3 2007 trailer.

      But we never know they might polish it up and release some of those...


        Is it this one?

        I'd quite like to explore the area as well. I haven't come across anything like the body of the windmills in the packages, but there is something resembling the blades.


          Theres a map named
          FeelGoodIncV1 or FeelGoodInc
          The map has a windmill (an animated windmill)


            Alright, so they never released that content. And as far as we all know there was no actual level for public consumption. Bummer.

            What am I missing here though? I want to search for bigger pictures of it. Also is there video showing it off? Hell, if there is no public models for this, I may make my own.

            I am not finding much searching for AsphoFields, and would like to see some video or pictures of it (bigger pictures).

            Also, having not dug into the game very deep, are you telling me that Malcom is not a playable character later? Is he even in the game?

            Thank you for your help,



              Malcom is not playable in UT3 and only apears in the Campaign cinematics.


                Yeah, I think we'd all like some bolder colours in UT3 War -it all looks just too washed out imho,like a thousand shades of grey and brown. I think the contrast between the warmer maps in Ut2004's ONS with;Torlan,Primeval,crossfire,Dawn set against the colder Articstronghold,Frostbite got things just about right.