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How to toggle console commands?

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    How to toggle console commands?

    Hi all,
    I had some months ago the problem, that the messages ingame annoyed me.
    This here:

    I went into the folder
    "C:\Documents und Settings\#my name#\My documents\My Games\Unreal Tournament 3\UTGame\Config" and opened the file "UTGame.ini".
    I changed the value of the ConsoleMessageCount from 4 to 0.

    The problem is that I cannot see chat messages, too.
    I always have to open the console.
    Is there a possibility to enable the chat but disable the "kill messages"?
    If not, then I would to know the question from the topic name.
    Can I set a key (for example F1) with the toggle command
    ConsoleMessageCount=0 / ConsoleMessageCount=4 ?

    I already know how to bind keys, but I don't have an idea about real toggles.
    (UTInput in the first block)
    Bindings=(Name="NumPadSeven",Command="teamsay Tank down!")

    Thanks for any help!


    I'm not sure if this is right, but I think if you look in you UTGame.ini file, you'll find a section like this:


    in that example, I think bNoConsoleDeathMessages=false, in the UTGame.UTDeathMessage section, means I'll get the death messages in DM, say. Wheras the other setting, under UTGame.UTTeamDeathMessage (being set to true), means I won't get death messages in Warfare, say. Which I do not.

    Hope I got that right. Just threw this out there in hopes of getting extra credit for promptness

    So anyway I'm guessing you could use those switches and set your ConsoleMessageCount back to 4. That way you should be able to get rid of the death messages, but still see the chat, which is what I get in warfare.


      ok, thank you.
      I now have changed the value from 0 to 3 and these death messages only appear in deathmatch (maybe in duel, too).
      In modes like v-ctf and warfare i only see real chat messages
      I think that is enough for me