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Player base and platform concerns.

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    Player base and platform concerns.

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the Unreal gaming community so bare with me, I mostly tested the waters out a couple months ago with Unreal Anthology (UT2K4) offline, againest bots, for about 2-4 weeks to get a feel how UT3 would be (I always wanted to get into this series but I always had a horrible PC until a year ago) I kind of put things off for a long time with this game that sooner then later the XBX360 version was released when I intended to get UT3 for the PC (no intentions on getting it for the PS3 since I don't own that console.) I'm aware of some positives and negatives in terms of content given to each title for its respective platform (PS3/PC mods and possible official servers from epic/midway and the 360 gets a co-op and a split screen mode.)

    I have small factors that are influencing my possible purcahse for the game also, on one hand I have a real life friend who bought it for the XBX360 (played it over his house and enjoyed it a lot) and second real life friend that might not be able to run this game on his PC (but to honest this second friend has troubles adjusting to FPS's and ends up quiting them or you have to drag him online.)

    Now I played the UT3 demo (offline again) for the PC. The aggresiveness and just overall feel to the game feels exciting, refreshing and really towards my playstyle (the exact way I felt about the 360 version also.) So now I'm trying to narrow it down to whatever has the overall larger playerbase since I want to put some time into this game for a while since I might make it my primary FPS for the time being (and just incase my two real life friends bail on me like they usually do with online games) So I want to make sure that whatever platform I choose has the largest PLAYER COUNT, not exactly the most CONTENT. I do like that I can bring this over to my friends house (360 version), hook up splitscreen via two consoles (2 people per box) since its a lot easier then carrying over my PC which still would limit it to 1v1. I keep reading on some forums that the player base has died down to bit over not being up to par as far as content goes compared to UT2k4, I'm wondering if the 360 player base is stronger?

    I'm a pretty avid FPS fan overall, on a console or a PC, even though I've played more on the console side I don't have a hard time adjusting once you get down weapons/maps/layouts/muscle memory/response time. Competive games such as Golden Eye, Perfect Dark, Halo (all three) Counter strike (XBX and Source for the PC) and little of Battlefield. The current FPS I have been playing for the past maybe two to three months has been Call of Duty 4. But to be honest I am a bit sick of the stop and pop style of CoD4 because its a lazy mans FPS as far as team based games go, but I LOVE FFA since I can take my aggresive anti-camp play style and intergrate it perfectly since camping is kept to a minium which totally throws people off.

    I usually don't make posts like this but I decided I should bring my concerns to Epic/Unreal official forum, I know some people here (which is understandable) may be more bias to the PC since its the home for Unreal games but the gameplay feels solid on both platforms I'm interested in which are the PC and the XBX360 versions. (I know there is a difference between controllers and Mouse/Keyboard but I'll adjust to either) It's the player base which is a HUGE issue for me (and possibly the selling point), hearing that the PC/PS3's community has fallen low has push me towards seeing if the 360 version has more life on it. Do both versons have partying system similar to Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4 on the XBX360 to build groups easy, as well as a matchmaking mode? I'm looking for a detailed response if possible, and I do apologize that I only read some things about the game but I'm looking for a response directly to most of my concens. Thank you all in advance for reading this.

    I'll try to address most of the things you commented on.

    1. If you're concerned about multiplayer then the 360 version maybe preferable since it has splitscreen and one of your friends already has it. (4 player LAN ftw)

    2. AS far as player base goes the PC and 360 are about the same right now, but you have to understand that the 360 playerbase is shrinking while the PC playerbase is slowly growing

    3. If you get the PC you can use a controller so you don't have to bother adjusting to KB/M if you don't want to

    4. None of the versions have a partying system, but the 360 version is missing some of the other features that the PS3 version has that make it harder to get together with friends.