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***Taffy's 80 tick TDM *** Upgrades

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    ***Taffy's 80 tick TDM *** Upgrades

    I have recently put Taffy's TDM on it's own dedicated/private redirect server. This means that custom maps should download very fast without any slowdowns or disruptions. Not that I had problems with the shared redirect, but this move will eliminate any possible issues server side. The redirect server is located in Chicago.

    I have recently been asked to add voice by players who frequent the server, so I have just now configured a Ventrilo server for the players who want good quality ingame voice capability. The new Vent server is in Chicago.

    Port: 4367

    Right now there is no password. I haven't tested it as was just installed so let me know if there are any issues. I seem to be able to connect with no problem.

    Big thanks to Noel at Midnight Gaming for his incredible support. There aren't many issues, but when there is Noel responds very quickly.

    bless you...i haven't been playing much lately, and this just gives people more stuff to check out. hope to see/hear you out there soon....


      Ok rek we will see ya ingame.

      I also want to mention we have a Taffy's TDM exclusive

      Meatplow has been working on a 2k4 remake called DM-MEITAK. Remember that one? It's a beta so stop by and try it out and give some feedback.

      Only on Taffy's TDM ! ...LOL.

      IMO, he has done an outstanding job as the scaling and gameplay are excellent. My only comment is it could use some eye candy.

      I also added a map called Xenon. Has very good competetive gameplay and looks good too. And if you haven't played WhiteRealm yet, it's on here as well. It won the 3dBuzz map contest and everyone loves it. It has great gameplay and great asthetics.